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So you are already aware on how to earn extra income from Digitize India platform of Govt of India. Many of you might have seen a massage of The snippets have exhausted. Our readers sent us many queries related to this.

Hence we decided to submit an RTI to get more information on the concern of the snippets have exhausted problem. Below is the response to our questions:

Overview (the snippets have exhausted):

This is a query related to Digitize India Platform. Many times the digitize India portal shows a massage The Snippets Have Exhausted.

Question: What exactly this means?

Reply: The Snippets are regularly uploaded on Digitize India Portal. When the Snippets are not available then this message reflects. Sometime due to Server issue also this message will display.

Question: How much time usually this takes to get the snippets again?

ReplyThe Snippets are regularly uploaded on Digitize India Portal.

Question: Is this a one-time temporary problem or intermittent by nature?

Reply: Large number of Digital Contributor are contributing to digitize the content. This causes the snippets have exhausted problem. We regularly upload the new snippets on Digitize India Portal. It is a continuous process.

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