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Some times you may have to switch the default language in Google Chrome. Just wondering how to switch Google Chrome to your desired language in a snap? Let us show you how to change language in Google Chrome.

Whatever language is used in Google Chrome, the method is the same.

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Following are the steps to change the language in Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click the button with the 3 vertical dots on the Mac version or the icon with the 3 horizontal lines on the PC version.

chrome settings

  • Then click on Settings (settings)
  • In “Settings” search bar, type “language”

how to change language in google chrome

  • Here you will see the default language already set by Google Chrome. (expand the option if needed)
  • Click 3 dots against the language you want the Chrome to switch into.
  • If the desired language is not given, click “Add language” option.
  • A pop up with be displayed giving you option to add more languages
  • Check the required language and click “Add

That’s it! this is how to change language in Google Chrome.

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