10 Best CRM Software for Small Business in 2018

Do not want to get lost in the jungle of CRM? That’s good, we’ve selected 10 best CRM software for small business. These CRM software will help you gain commercial efficiency and to sell more.


1 . Tilkee

Tilkee, the CRM software made for commercial efficiency? Yes ! This software will save your time (26 minutes per day) in your customer relationship and increase your success rate by 30%.

Tilkee offers many valuable features : address book management, prediction of chances of success, creation of pro-pale reading reports (with indication of openness), customization of offers making its entry into best crm for small business.

2. Salesforce

A CRM software that is a giant in the field . Fully customizable, a pioneer of SaaS (software as a service) and cloud mode, able to establish business dashboards, offering many different tools , Salesforce has been adopted by nearly 100,000 companies by the world. Needless to say that Salesforce is one of the best CRM for small business.

3. Pipedrive

A CRM software that wants to be cool, fresh and fun! But who does not lack qualities . Pipedrive is intended primarily for the sales process . It displays the pipeline, that is to say the various stages of the process in question. From the initial prospection to the conclusion of the contract through taking information or phone calls, you can easily organize your commercial prospection in segments! One of the best crm for small business.


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Cocorico! INES claims the position of European leader in customer relationship management software in SaaS mode dedicated to commercial performance. No doubts the INES is equally famous at global level.
INES offers a secure and collaborative suite of applications (contact management, sales force, marketing, etc.) to improve the sales process, marketing and customer service.

5. Zoho CRM

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Zoho particularly targets small businesses and auto-entrepreneurs. It offers agendas, data import, invoice tracking, competitive analysis and prospect qualification features. It is worth mentioning that the Zoho CRM software for small business offers best features within a well acceptable price tag. Definitely a one of the best crm for small business.


6. SugarCRM

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The ambition of Sugar CRM? Put the individual at the center of its solution . This one proposes to establish forecasts of sales and to qualify the prospects. Its main features? Sales force automation, marketing campaigns, customer service, collaborative tools and research and statistical tools. Just that! Sugar CRM is one of the best small business CRM out there.

7. You Do not Need a CRM

noCRM.io, by You Don't Need a CRM!

The credo of You Do not Need a CRM? Well, that … not all companies need a customer management tool. But they need, rather, a tool to turn prospects into customers ! A nuance that explains the simplification of the operations wanted by You Do not Need a CRM. No form, no paperwork : the software focuses on creating opportunities. It is ideal for businesses with fewer than 200 people. Beyond, sorry, but … you need a CRM. Indeed the software looks funny by name but not by performance making it one of the notable CRM software for small business.

8 . Microsoft Dynamics 

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Microsoft products scare you from Windows Vista? This is serious. Dynamics has a triple promise . With it, you can: just target, react faster and increase your sales . How? Through consulting tools, customer information, targeting, planning and priority management. Integrated into the Office 365 suite, this software is also perfectly mobile! A leader in best crm for small business.

9. HubSpot

  HubSpot Logo

No doubts the HubSpot is one of the most efficient, most popular and totally free CRM software. The software secured no.1 position in year 2017 being a most liked CRM software for small business. The software is rich in functions and well integrates the social media platforms. HubSpot offers you to call from within the software, record contact details automatically, create email templates etc. The cost of HubSpot ranges from 0$ to 2400$ per month depending upon the opted plan.

10. YellowBox CRM

100% web solution dedicated to SMEs , easy to handle, which can be deployed in 48 hours. A great way to get a first foot in the wonderful world of CRM!

Hope you got an insight into the best CRM software for small business. Let us know which do you find fit for you and why.

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