11 Best Free Stock Photo Sites in 2019

Are you looking for free stock photo sites from where you can get high resolution stocks photos for free? or are you looking for best stock photo sites for photographers?


High-resolution images add value to your website or blog post by helping your online learners hang on to the subject and simplify complex ideas. However, finding images suitable website or blog post at an affordable price can be difficult because many sites offer significant monthly subscriptions or fees. The good news is that there are lots of royalty fee images stock photo portal available. Here are the top 10 free stock photo sites for computer.

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1. FreeDigitalPhotos

It’s a royalty-free image bank containing thousands of quality images, all free. No attribution is required and there is only one photo size. Nevertheless, you have the option to buy a better resolution, again without the necessary attribution. FreeDigitalPhotos covers a wide variety of topics such as: metaphors and symbols, nature, people, transportation, travel, science, technology, and more. Availability of so many categories and content, it is one of the best free stock photo sites available.

2. Unsplash

This site offers a large collection of royalty free stock images for commercial use, with 10 new photos added every 10 days. This is an excellent resource for high resolution landscape images, business profile pictures, as well as photos with quotes. Again, no attribution is required. The site includes a “Collections” section where you can browse collections of images such as “The Earth and the Planets” or “The Great Outdoors”.No doubts Unsplash is a great source of royalty free images free of charge for everyone.

3. Pixabay – one of the best stock photo sites

This Creative Commons licensed site includes an extensive collection of free images that you can download, edit, and incorporate into your website, blog post, reports or sales brochures. Again, assigning the source is not necessary and there is no restriction on commercial use. But some photos, models or objects may be subject to a trademark.

So, be sure to read the small print passages before downloading any royalty fee images to avoid problems later. Personally we use Pixabay a lot for our own blog posts on InfobyNet, hence Pixabay is great source of royalty fee images.

4. Picjumbo

This royalty free images portal has one of the most intuitive interfaces where you can do your research using specific keywords. The images are part of a vast collection of topics, from abstract to fashion, and technology to the business world. Source attribution is recommended and you can reuse photos for commercial use but can not resell them. 


The site offers a premium subscription that allows you to access unpublished photos, thematic collections and an all-in-one package.

5. SuperFamous Studios

It is the creation of Folkert Gorter, a Dutch artist specializing in photography of nature, landscapes and architecture. The majority of the images are abstract, and are therefore perfect for use as eLearning wallpapers, website stock images or blog post titles. Nevertheless, they can also bring a touch of dynamism to a subject a little annoying. 

All images are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, which means that you must assign the source if you are using high resolution photos. SuperFamous Studio is indeed a good source of royalty fee images.

6. New Old Stock

If you are looking for historical photos, New Old Stock should be your reference. This free stock photo site features old vintage images from public archives. Thus, they are free of rights. The site includes a section entitled “Rights & etc. Where to find clear instructions for use. So the New Old Stock has a prominent place when it comes to the best free stock photo sites.

7. IM Free

Here is an extensive collection of free images online. Some photos require source attribution, while others have no restrictions. To find the photo you are looking for, simply type in a simple keyword or browse their collections, which contain subcategories such as business and business, technology, health, education and professional images. The site even offers a feature that allows you to create navigation buttons for your website or eLearning course.

8. StockSnap.io

Stock Snap is one of the easiest free photo sites to use. And this, thanks to its search engine and its filters. You can sort photos by their number of views, downloads, and even the most popular photos. All images are under Creative Commons license and source attribution is not required.

Hundreds of photos are added each week, which means you will always have new images for your portal or blog post. StockSnap is a branch of Snappa, a graphic design tool. After uploading your images, you can edit them, change their dimensions or even add text. StockSnap.io is no doubt one of the best free stock photo sites.


9. Picography

This image bank features a wide assortment of royalty free royalty free photos, including animal images or cityscape photos. No source attribution is necessary and you can use the photos for commercial purposes. The site includes a search option that allows you to sort the search results. Picography even sends you free images to your inbox if you submit your email address.

10. Freestocks

Freestocks offers free images for commercial and personal use under the Creative Commons Zero license. You will find classified photos in the following categories: nature, technology, people, architecture, and other topics. Freestocks also allows you to browse galleries with hashtags, which can save you time in your searches. The attribution is not obligatory but is strongly recommended.

11. Pikwizard.com

Though the list was limited to 10 best free stock photo sites, we introduce you the eleventh one. We had a detailed review of pikwizard and observed that it is worth adding to the list. The Pikwizard offers tons of high resolution stock images. But this is not the only thing you get from Pikwizard, the website gives you options to edit the images on the go to give your selected pictures a personalized touch. Bloggers know the pain it takes to download a matching image and then editing it in other software to make it eye catching. With in built tools, it is  a matter of wink that you can edit your selected images with Pikwizard.

Final Words

Remember that many free photo sites have several restrictions or specific terms of use. Some sites ask you to inform the photographer before using their photos, while others ask for written permission. Check the FAQ or the “About” page to be sure and avoid further disputes.If in doubt, send them an e-mail or social media to learn more about their policies.


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