Cool Android Features You Should be Aware of

Android is not a thing of today. Billions of people around the globe are using the android interface and enjoying the great features of it. But still millions of folks are joining the joy ride of android on daily basis. Most the things are new for them and sometimes they find it hard to understand some of the cool android features.

So I thought of sharing some of the features of android which can help you lot and save great deal of time.

1. Shortcuts

You can set shortcuts of various apps, contacts and websites to your home screen. To do this, touch & hold the empty area on screen, you will see three options i.e. Wallpapers, Widgets & Settings. Click on widgets and you find preview of the list available, to be set to home screen as shortcut. You can set shortcut of speed dials, speed sms, calendar and schedule, website bookmarks, and quick settings. It is quite useful if you do not want to install hefty app and can still manage with a bookmarked website. For example I am not using default Facebook app as it is consuming hell lot of resources on android. So in place, I have added a bookmark on home screen and can browse the mobile web instead.

2. Check Android Version

You can have an animated preview of the current version of android installed on your device. To do so, tap settings —>About phone—>Android version. Tap 5 times on Android version and animation will initiate. Click the animation on screen and the icons will change. Touch ‘back’ button on screen to exit.

3. Capture Screenshot

Sometimes it might be required that you capture the screen. It could be details of a transaction, a weird phenomena by phone, a chat session, or simply an image which you are not able to save other way.  It is super easy to capture the screenshot on any android device. Just hold the volume down+power button altogether, hold buttons for a second and the screenshot will be captured.

4. Developer Options

If you are a geek and wish to further tweak the advanced settings of android in you device, then you need to have developer level access rights to your device settings. Just hit Settings—>About phone—>Build number. Hit Build number option 5 times and the developer options will be available for you. Warning: Be cautious while working with developer options as this could cause damage to your device. If you don’t know what it is, better stay-off.

5. Bluetooth/Wireless Tethering (Hotspot)

You device can act as the wifi transmitter  while using the 2G/3G/4G data from your device. You can share the data of your device with other devices (mobiles, laptops etc.) by using Bluetooth or wireless tethering. To do so, click Settings—>More (under wireless & network group)—>Tethering & portable hotspot—>Bluetooth tethering or Portable WLAN hotspot. You can set-up a secure connection by setting a strong password. Beware! the hotspot will consume your mobile data, hence keep an eye of the MBs being eaten up by connected devices.

6. Flappy Birds (game)

Yes! there is a challenging game inbuilt in android. Go to Settings—>About—>About phone—->Android version. Tap 5 times on android version option. The current version installed on device will be displayed. Just hold the icon for 2-3 seconds and the beautiful game app will start. You will have to cross many hurdles with your droid and yes it is very fast for most of the people. Is not this a cool android feature!

7. Real Time Location tracking

You can turn your android device into a real time location tracker with the help of Android Device Manager. This is a tiny system app from Google which you need to install once (most of the new devices these days will aready have this pre-installed) Go to Settings—>Security—>Device administrators  and activate the Android Device Manager. Then go to and start tracking your device in a real time. Even you can wipe the device storage remotely and ring the buzzer from this portal. Purpose of this portal is to help you locate your lost or misplaced device. But this can also be used to keep an eye on the location of your nears and dears.

8. Trusted Agents

This is also a handy feature of android. Most of us set a password or a pin on our devices to protect it from evil hands. But sometimes it gets painful to type the password again and again every time. ‘Trusted Agent’ is a life saving feature in this situation. Just hit Settings—>Security—>Trusted Agents. Depending on your device configuration, you can set face unlock, specific location, specific bluetooth device, or on body mode. With either of settings selected, the device will remain unlocked until the situation changes or you manually lock the device.

9. Ok Google

Search the content or get the tasks automatically done by just saying ‘Ok Google‘. Make sure you have latest version of google search and your are ready to go. Submit your voice sample at Settings—>Google—>Search—>Voice, turn on any option and it will prompt to submit a voice sample.

10. Google Now

Finally, Google Now. It is not a feature but an app from Google. But once installed, it acts as a cool android feature on your device. The Google Now is a launcher and replaces the default launcher. Google Now has many advantages like latest news, weather, email snippets, important tasks from email, day planner, finance and other interest based content which is delivered by Google Now.

Above list of cool android features is not exhausted, as there are many more such features which are equally useful. Exploring your device to the fullest is the greatest way to learn all about android. So give it a try today.

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Image courtesy: Eduardo Woo

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