10 Simple Tips: How to Boost Mobile Phone Signal

Call drops or poor reception can be quite frustrating. It makes life hell if your are on an important call and the voice is not clear on either side.
While you can not do much for the party on the other side, here we share some tips for you on how to boost mobile phone signal at your side. These tips on how to boost network signal will surely help you to have a better voice and data quality.

1. Walls & Windows

Walls and the windows of your premises can be a real hurdle in restricting the network to your mobile phone from the nearest towers. In this scenario, you will not be able to do much. But you can (as per weather) open the windows so that you get a prompt signal.
Also if using a WiFi router, move it to a location where it can transmit better signal and is not restricted by walls. Also a good mobile phone signal booster may help.

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2. Crowd is a Signal Eater

Are you at a crowded place i.e. market, fair or party etc. Normally mobile phone signals at such locations drop as there are so many devices connected to the same network and looking for signals. It is better to move little bit away from the crowd if you need a stronger signal. This way you will not be on the same signal frequency or may get connected to another signal tower which will improve the reception.

3. Elevation is Good

Lower you go, there are more chances that your mobile phone signal will be blocked by objects. So it is always beneficial to go on a higher place i.e. upper floor, roof or wide open space to boost the mobile signal.

4. Low Battery Causes Poor Network

yes, the low charged mobile phone will be loosing on networks and emit more radiation. So it is good to have a decently charged device in hand to boost the mobile signal.

5. Close Unwanted Apps and Activities

You should close unwanted apps or kill unwanted background processes so that more memory and resources are available to connect to a network.

6. Reboot Signal

Simply turn on ‘Airplane mode’ for few seconds and then turn off. This way your mobile will look for fresh signals with new towers. This may help you boost mobile phone signal.

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7. Use VoIP Service

If connected to dedicated WiFi signal, it is good to make a VoIP call using Face Time Audio, Skype, Whatsapp etc. This way you will be able to make good quality calls without bothering about bad quality of your mobile network.

8. Use Tower Finder Apps

There are couple of apps in Google Play store and iTunes store i.e. Tower Finder, Open Signal etc. which can be used to trace good strength towers near you. Know this may not be a great option all the time but can be helpful in a bad situation.

9. Inbuilt Antenna

These days most of the mobile phones are equipped with inbuilt antenna. This makes mobile pone look beautiful, but if the phone is not held properly (i.e. covered with hands) could lead to poor mobile phone network. So while on a call, hold the mobile phone in such a way that you do not mask the device much.

10. Your Carrier may be to Blame

If all above fails, try switching the SIM with alternative carrier to see if there is any improvement in the mobile phone signal. In many cases poor signal of mobile network can be that the cellphone tower in your area is having poor strength. Hence try swapping the SIM.

Hope above tips on how to improve mobile phone signal will help you. Do let us know through comments if any of the above tip was useful to you.

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