5 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Billing Software

With technology life becomes easier and who doesn’t love an easier life. 

Today every person who owns a business is overburdened with responsibilities, in such scenario imagine if you would have to maintain numbers of bills, inventory, payment records etc. wouldn’t it be an extra work for you. It is therefore suggested to use a billing software but then the question arises that which is the best billing software. Even if you are looking for a billing software for law firm or a billing software for restaurant or a unique medical billing software, all you need to have is that it should be giving you best of everything.


There are number of billing software available in the market then which one is the most reliable. What are the parameters to decide a best billing software?

Here are the 5 things which you should look for before selecting a billing software:

Fast and Easy Billing (user friendly)

From a retailer shop to a big business holder everyone needs a billing software. Small business like a retailer shop may not be literate enough to use a complicated billing software. A billing software for GST should have the following minimum features:

  • Software in which you can keep the records of clients, items, inventory, etc would make your work easier. 
  • You can set the price, tax rate, etc to your items.
  • You can keep a record of your total cost and total income.
  • You can keep a record of your pending payments.etc

You would just have to provide all the required credentials and you can get your bill within seconds. This makes your billing process fast and easy.

Share Your Bills

You would require to share your bill for many reasons like for cross checking, correct rates, matching the items in the list, etc. for doing this your software should enable you to share your bills through whatsapp, email or SMS.


You can not only share the bills but you can also take the print of the bills whenever required. With these soft copies bills you can save a lot of paper and stationary things which would otherwise just keeps on piling up on the table.

Sharing bills to your CA would help you get your audit done easily.

Send Payment Reminders

You don’t deal in cash all the time. Many a times you give credits also. This also helps you to maintain good relation with your customers. It builds a trustworthy relationship between you and your customers. 

It would be very hard to remember all the pending payments. Moreover if there isn’t any record of transaction done in credit then you might face huge losses if you fail to get the payments. It is therefore important to not only keep the records of such transactions but also to remind your customers about the pendings payments.

Use a software in which you can not only remind your customers but you can also set a reminder as to when the payment needs to be done. 

You can send the payment reminders through whatsapp, email or SMS.

Print UPI QR Codes on the Bills

These days almost everyone uses online transaction. People prefer to pay through various apps like, Paytm, Googlepay, Phonepay etc. you should also accept payments in all possible ways. This would give your customers a wide range of options and would help them do the payments easily and faster.

With the help of your billing software you can print your UPI QR codes to your bills this would enable your customer to pay you easily and you would not have to pay any transaction charges. You can collect your payment directly to your bank account that too absolutely free.

Easy Tax Filing

Many people do not have the knowledge of tax legalities. With the help of billing software you can export all sale bills to excel and make it one document. Once this is done you can easily share it to your CA through whatsapp, email or SMS.

It will help you filing all the type of GST returns. You can file various GST like GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3b, GSTR9 etc. you can also generate GSTR-1 using your application.


Be smart enough to choose a correct billing software. You can also prefer using one of the best billing software like Vyapar which is preferred by many. 

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