5 Websites to Earn Handsome Part Time Income

Hope you have already read my previous post on making money from translation work and also reviewed some good paying online survey websites . Do you want to earn handsome part time income by utilizing your skills? If yes, then you just need a computer or smart phone with a working internet connection only. Do you have good command over typing, are you good at Microsoft office or image processing apps, or are you a fluent English speaker. Or do you simply spend your enough time on internet. Yes to any of this question can lead you to a good spot where you can earn handsome part time income.

Lest talk about 5 interesting websites where you can earn up to 1000$ per month.

1. M-Turk (an Amazon company)

M-Turk by Amazon is a wonderful website to earn handsome part time income while doing small job work online. There are millions of Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) which offer from small to big payments for completing the tasks.

Most of the tasks do not require any special skills have ample time to finish. One such example is that you get items listed on Amazon website under some categories. Your job is to confirm if the item is listed under correct category. Similarly there are plenty of super easy tasks like that. You will have to register yourself with Amazon M-Turk website and it takes 2-3 days for them to approve your account. Once the account is approved, you are good to go.

2. fiverr.com

fiverr is yet another wonderful platform to showcase your skills and earn part time income. The website is a market place for freelancers and companies. You could be a translator, copywriter, blog content writer, SEO specialist, transcriber, or audio video editor, there is enough work for you. It is a vital platform to engage with clients looking for freelancers to get their jobs done. In due course of time you will be building a good reputation of your profile and will be in a position to acquire huge workloads. To get going, you need to register with them and the account is activated instantly.

Once you have verified you can proceed to enrich your profile with your work expertise area. You can also set rates for your services and could easily earn somewhere 2000 USD per month. So do not wait, if you are already good at some skills, you should start monetizing those.

3. Scripted.com

Scripted is a fantastic marketplace for writers and agencies. This is just perfect platform for you if you like to write blog posts, answer questions on Quora or good at content development. The website guarantees payments. There are many websites and blogs which need their database to be updated frequently and for this mostly they prefer freelance writers over employees. Registration is fast and easy. Payments can be received through paypal. The website is worth trying.

4. Upwork.com

Upwork is similar to fiverr and offers great opportunities for freelancers in the field of android development, web development, graphic design, content writing and many more such fields. One can engage with agencies looking for freelance services and can earn good part time income. The registration is quite easy and account can be set in a few minutes.

5. Freelancer.in

Freelancer is a quire famous portal to showcase your skills of web development, app development, computer languages, office applications, graphic design, coding etc. The website is very reputed and attracts thousands of companies and individuals. The registration is simple and in few minutes your profile is ready to be showcased. You can accept payments via paypal. Just give it a try.


Each one of us have many skills which we may have gained while working for full time for companies. The companies pay us for our efforts and skills. But there is no harm in using these skills to earn extra bucks in a legitimate way. One can easily spare some time in a week and finish of small assignments. The rewards earned through these freelance jobs (rather I would say a step closer to entrepreneurship) will give you a genuine satisfaction of personal accomplishment.

Good Luck with Freelancing!

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