6 Key Benefits of Using FASTag in India

People often travel to other cities, either for weddings or on work-related matters. They generally travel by road to save valuable money and time.


Traveling to other cities used to be a long, boring, and bumpy ride and on top of that, one would have to wait for hours to get their turn to pay toll tax. But now it’s not the case, with the new roads that are improved, driving on highways is convenient and fun. And with the use of a FASTag, one doesn’t even have to worry about reaching for their wallet to pay the toll.

But one must be wondering what exactly a FASTag is? This article will answer this question along with some benefits that come from using a FASTag.

What is a FASTag?

FASTag is a sticker that is compulsory to be pasted on windshields of four-wheelers, it works simply like this; a scanner reads the FASTag and then automatically processes the payment, meaning that one can resume their journey after the scan.
How convenient is that?

FASTag is an unavoidable convenience, meaning that if one doesn’t have a FASTag sticker on their windshield, or has zero balance in it, they would have to pay double the toll. The government of India issued FASTag to stop the monetary leeks at toll booths and to reduce air pollution caused at these booths.

Benefits of using FASTag

A person will get these benefits if they use a FASTag.

Quick & easy toll payment: – It used to be a time-waster for anyone when, they would wait for hours in line to pay their toll tax, but not anymore.

A FASTag installed on a car’s windshield uses radio frequency identification technology. Once a person gets to the toll booth, their FASTag will be scanned that will automatically deduct the toll tax from one’s linked account. They instantly get an SMS notifying them about the deduction.


No long stops at toll booths: – Earlier, one would stop for a long time to pay their cash toll at the booth; this caused another problem for them which is fuel wastage due to constant stops at the toll booth.
Now, since one doesn’t have to pay in cash because of FASTag, they just need to slow down at the toll booth, get their tag scanned, and resume their journey, this has led to a more convenient, quicker, and better toll booth system since more cars now pass from toll booths in a short amount of time.

Longer validity: – A FASTag is valid for 5 years within which, one can recharge it, whenever they require, after 5 years they must renew it. But still, 5 years is a long validity time that makes it a very convenient toll payment method.

Online customer portal: – Just like any other government service, FASTag also has a portal where the user can view payment history and generate statements. This portal is very useful for employees who want to get a toll refund from their employers that they paid on business travels.

Nature friendly: – Reducing the use of paper has always benefited the planet, and FASTag is no different since the user won’t get any paper receipt, they are indirectly conserving the earth.

Online recharge: – One doesn’t need to go to an office to recharge their FASTag account with cash; they can go to any website to recharge their FASTag online. Various payment options are available as per user preference, such as credit cards, debit cards, NEFT, or RGTS.


A good way for one to add balance to their FASTag is to use fastagpro’s FASTag Recharge service as they are quick, safe, and secure and the best part is that no registration is required.

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