Delete Instagram Account in Easy Steps

Do you wish to delete Instagram account? As you will not click any more of these pictures of tempting dishes, killing sunsets on paradisiac beaches or these magnificent evenings to which you will never participate? We are explaining in this post today how to delete Instagram account.

Instagram or the tyranny of happiness?

The social network of photo sharing is the ideal place to get up and talk about yourself. And that most of the users have understood it well. They reveal only the good sides of their lives, just to make all their subscribers turn green with jealousy. Who has already published a photo of a canned Lasagna dish?
As the old adage says, too much happiness kills happiness. If you can no longer spend your days watching the wonderful life of your virtual friends, it may be time to disconnect and delete Instagram account.
And as you’ll see right now, as amazing as it sounds, it’s much easier to open an account on Instagram than to close it.

Deactivate Instagram Account

No need to rush to your mobile looking for a feature to deactivate your Instagram account. The option to deactivate Instagram account does not exist there. Everything will happen on the computer.

  • Open your web browser and launch the Instagram page
  • Enter your login details (username and password)
  • Click on the profile icon located at the top right of the window then on the section “modify the profile
    Select “Temporarily disable my account
  • Then enter your password to validate your choice

deactivate instagram

Here it is, your account is in hibernation mode now. Your friends, your subscribers will not be able to see neither your photos nor your videos. However your data has not been completely erased, it has been just put to sleep. You can reactivate your account whenever you want.

Permanently Delete Instagram Account

For those who wish to permanently delete Instagram account, here is another far more thorough method. Before you start, it is recommended to make a backup of all your photos or videos. After, it will be too late.

  • Open the this page dedicated to account deletion on Instagram
  • Enter your username and PIN
  • Select from the list the reason you want to permanently close your account
  • Enter your password one last time
  • Click on the red button

delete instagram account

Once it is done, you cannot reactivate your account or even recover any of the content posted. You can now uninstall the Instagram application from your device.

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