Basics And Benefits Of A Career In The Construction Industry

The field of construction is a pillar of blue-collar work, and it is a very rewarding field. While may view it as a down and dirty job, it is also a career that can provide ample benefits throughout one’s life. Here are some of the major benefits of taking up a career in the construction industry.


There is Ample Job Security in Construction

If there is one thing that is important to many people in the working class, it is the knowledge in knowing that their position is safe. There is arguably no greater industry where this is the case than the field of construction. This is primarily because there is a great shortage of skilled workers in this field. Construction companies everywhere are eager to get their hands on people, especially those that are young, who are willing to learn, work hard, and be compensated for their efforts.

Projections state that openings in this field will only grow as the demand increase, which mean opportunities will be ample to come by. Much like the field of healthcare, the field of construction is always in need, and the odds are great that there are plenty of paying jobs in construction right now.

A Construction Career Can Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

An often overlooked benefit of working in the construction industry is that it can promote an active lifestyle. Leading a sedentary lifestyle and sitting in place is bad for your health, but the field of construction forces you to be active and move around. Being a construction worker provides an excellent platform to stay healthy and physically fit, because you will be moving a lot throughout the day. Studies have shown that people are happier when they are healthier, and by the time you are finished working, you will be in better physical condition than most of the population.

Of course, as you an imagine, the field of construction is also physically demanding. That is why it is important to pace themselves so they do not get tired out and having it affect their work. However, the clear physical benefits will outweigh the physical demand.

You Do Not Need a College Degree

The United States is currently facing a student debt crisis, as many students across the country need to take out loans from the government to help pay their way through college. Unfortunately, many of those students who graduate will enter a field in which they will not be able to pay off that debt in a reasonable amount of time, and have to unfortunately pay it off for years on end.


Fortunately, in the field of construction, no such Bachelor’s degree is required. While a lot of companies will require apprenticeships, formal training or certification from a trade school, you will not have to go to a private or public college and take out loans to start working. In fact, many individual trades will allow you to earn while you learn the tricks of the trade and work your way up.

You Can Make a Good Living in Construction

Hard, physically demanding work will not go unrewarded in construction. The potential salary that you can earn is one of the biggest advantages to being a construction worker. It is important to consider that the pay you receive is dependent on a series of variables, such as what trade you specialize in, your experience level, where you are located and whether the work is commercial or residential.

However, most trades will have you start off earning at least $50,000 a year with enough experience. You can earn even more if you eventually own your own business or if you work for a highly renowned company. In addition, overtime pay is available in many cases.

Getting Started is Relatively Easy

While many degrees require certain exams to be passed and licenses to be obtained, entering construction is a relatively easy field to enter. You can simply start as an individual laborer, develop your skills over time and watch your craft and potential earnings grow over time. In fact, there are many trade jobs that can be obtained with zero experience necessary.

Unfortunately, there are many field of work where a degree is required or formal training is needed to start getting paid. With construction, you can start getting paid as a novice. It will make the journey of getting paid more and being an elite construction worker all the more rewarding.

You Will Be Helping Others

While this is more of a moral benefit, providing solutions to the needs of many can give you a sense of accomplishment and an internal rewarding feeling. Construction workers often go overlooked because many only pay attention to the final product. They do not pay attention to the amount of playing, hard labor and attention to detail that is needed to build structures from the ground up.

Skilled tradesman build all of the industries, houses and facilities you see as you walk down the sidewalk or drive on the highway. Even the roads and bridges that we travel across have to do with construction. Being a part of that industry will essentially make you an unsung hero.

As you can see, there are many benefits of going into the field of construction. You do not have to have years of experience to get started, and you do not be an expert to start getting paid. While there are downsides to consider as with any field, the benefits outweigh them. Consider if the field of construction is right for you based on your needs. If you do decide to work in the field, you will be entering a profession that helps contribute to a large part of society at little risk to you.


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