Best Accounting Software in India for Small Business

Are you looking for best accounting software in India for small business or any type of business. In this article we have compiled a list of best accounting software available in India.


India is a booming hub for businesses and new ventures. It is interesting to know that despite huge population, only 15% of Indian work as employee, rest have their own business. The business mat vary from a small pan shop to a billion dollar production facility. More and more people are moving to small businesses and doing away with jobs.

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So it is important to have right tools and resources to run any business properly. The accounting is one such integral part of business which can never be ignored. Even it becomes quite important to have a comprehensive system in place to manage the accounts. An effective accounting software can be handy and hassle free for your small business. So lets explore some of the best accounting software in India for small business:

1. Zoho Books

Plan: Starts from INR 2499/- or 9 USD per month

Zoho books is one of the leading accounting software which is quite famous around the globe. The Zoho corporation originates from India and is having good presence in USA and other countries. Zoho Books is an online accounting tool and is rich in features. Below are some key features of Zoho Books accounting software:

  • Create customized invoices
  • Create quotes easily which can be converted into invoices if materialized
  • Keep track of ongoing projects
  • Tab to keep record of the bills due or paid to your vendors
  • A portal for clients so that they can track their projects and invoices
  • Detailed reports are available
  • Mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Windows

2. Tally

Plan: Starts from INR 18000 + GST extra

Tally is a quite famous accounting software in India. Tally accounting software is being used by almost every small to medium business in India. The software is quite affordable and user friendly and is a installed software. Tally is ERP based software and is GST ready software. The great features of Tally accounting software make it one of the best accounting software in India.  Tally ERP 9 software online purchase price is around 18000 INR. Here are some of the key features of Tally GST software:

  • GST ready software
  • Error detection and notifications for manual errors
  • Takes care of all types of transactions i.e. billing, invoicing, quotes etc
  • Can be integrated to around 100 banks for accounts reconciliation
  • Easily manage out standings
  • Generate balance sheets and other important reports

3. QuickBooks by Intuit

Plan: Starts from INR 4999/- onwards

QuickBooks is a word famous accounting software for small business. Millions of businesses around the globe are using QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks is a product from Intuit which originates from USA. The QuickBooks accounting software is quite famous in India. Here are some key features of the QuickBooks GST accounting software:

  • GST ready accounting software
  • Professional level quotes
  • Keep track of all the invoices, payments, billing etc on the go
  • Integrate into banking system and pull transactions easily
  • Create balance sheets on the go
  • Prepare budgets and estimates easily
  • Free mobile apps available
  • Free of cost APIs available to integrate into your portals
  • File your GST return with QuickBooks

4. Busy Accounting Software

Plan: Starts from INR 7000/- onwards

Busy is a made in India accounting software having great capabilities. The software easily supports micro to medium level businesses. The official website of Busy accounting software claims to have sold around 3 lakh (0.3 M) licenses of the application. Below are few key features of the Busy accounting software:

  • GST ready accounting software
  • Customized invoicing
  • BOM (Bill of Material)
  • User defined reports
  • Tax calculations in a snap
  • PO supported
  • Multi-location inventory management
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Profitability reports

5. Marg ERP

Plan: Starts from INR 7200/- onwards

As it is clear from name itself, the Marg ERP is based on ERP platform. The software has great customized features. The Marg ERP is widely available for almost any nature of business i.e. saloon, retail shop, restaurants, stores, pharmacy etc. Another good feature of Marg ERP is that they have collaborated with leading Indian bank ICICI to offer scaled banking solutions for your business. Learn more about this feature here. The Marg ERP has all wonderful features available in above mentioned other applications. Some of the good ones are mentioned below:

  • Multi companies supported
  • Integrated email and sms alerts
  • User defined formats
  • Use Excel, CSV and JSON to file GST return
  • Operator level customization

Final Words:

The businesses are going digital day by day and require so much attention. It is worth to invest in business accounting software, rather than doing things manually and later get confused with all the mess.

Did we miss any particular software which you are using? Let us know, we will be happy to add it to this list.


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