Best Online Survey Websites to Earn Side Income

Do you spend ample time on internet sharing viral content, writing reviews or browse social media portals. If you notice, most of the time you spend on internet, is not making you any money. How about earning some side income while spending your time on internet. Online survey are one such option. Surveys can not replace your other sources of earning money but still a good option to gain some bills. So lets have a look at the options available.

1.Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is number 1 in the list as it has good amount of surveys for your and pays decent rewards. Average reward ranges from INR. 60 to 300. You need to fill out the detailed profile information and website will start serving survey links to you. You will get notifications via email. Some times you may not get email notifications and it is always good to visit your dashboard and see if any surveys are available. Minimum payout is 400 which you can redeem as Flipkart or Amazon vouchers.


SaySo is equally good online survey website. The rewards vary from INR15 to 300 and 20 for each level of profile survey. They also pay 25 points for every successful referral. The reward points are called Scoins and one Scoin = 1 INR. Websites serves good amount of surveys and most of the surveys are interesting too. The Scoins can be redeemed at threshold of 500 Scoins.

3. Triaba India

Triaba is another quality online survey website. The website is global and is present in many countries including the USA. You will start getting surveys as soon as your complete the profiling. Reward amount varies from INR 30 to 350 depending on the density of the survey. Rewards points can be en cashed via Paypal after reaching the threshold of INR 350. Website serves good quality surveys and is mobile friendly and they have a mobile app as well with the name of OpinionAPP on both android and apple devices.

4. OpinionWorld

Opinion World is one more good website for online surveys. Do profiling and start getting surveys. Reward points vary from INR15 to 300. Reward points can be converted to e-vouchers which can be used to buy stuff from amazon, myntra, Westside, Levi’s and many other online shopping portals. OpinionWorld is available to only India citizens.

5. Viewpoint panel

Viewpoint is yet another fantastic survey website and works in most of the countries including the USA and India. Rewards vary from INR50 to 300.

6. Toluna

Toluna is authentic online survey website. Rewards points vary from Rs.30 to 300. Fill rate is good.

7. Saybucks


Saybucks is a nice option where they pay from 50~500 per survey. The earned money can be redeemed through Paypal. [ads]


Above are some of the websites which are authentic survey panels and really pay. Surveys won’t replace your other means of income, but still are handy for small bucks. So no harm in giving it a try.

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