These are the Best Photo Editing Software for Mac

Best Photo Editing Software for Mac

While it is now possible, thanks to good mobile applications, to retouch photos on the fly, however, powerful photo editing software is still in place to change the images in detail. Replacing an object in an image, creating complex photographic montages, superimposing different levels: the post-production needs of professional and amateur photographers are the most disparate and often finding the right software is not easy. In this article we are sharing with you some of the best Photo Editing Software for Mac.

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Now, if the aura of Adobe continues to prevail in the now disputed market of photographic publishing, it is clear that the competition is raging . So much the better for the user, better able to find the software that will adapt precisely to its specific needs.

The undisputed reference: Adobe Photoshop

Champion any category, we no longer present Photoshop. The term has even entered our current vocabulary: do not we speak now of a photoshopped silhouette? In its version CS6, the spearhead of the Adobe suite is today the most used software by professionals of the photo editing.

With a bewildering palette of tools and features, Photoshop lets you do whatever you want. In addition to the power of tools, it is especially its layer structure that allows you to edit complex images by isolating each element. But beware, the software requires solid training and is not within the reach of everyone, or all budgets. Also, it is often better to fall back on its reduced version, Photoshop Elements, available for Windows and Mac. All the great features of Adobe Photoshop make it best Photo Editing Software for Mac.

The open source solution: GIMP

Acronym for the GNU Image Manipulation Program, this software is the most complete free solution for photo editing. Open source and strong of its community of users and developers, GIMP today allows itself to challenge the monopoly of Adobe.

Powerful, GIMP supports a myriad of different formats. In addition, it works in layers, like Photoshop. It is also enriched with many plug-ins, but its use is more complicated than that of other programs. Another disadvantage: many functions are not automated. The totally free software with rich features is no doubt the best Photo Editing Software for Mac.

Professional photo editing: LightRoom

Developed again by Adobe, LightRoom is a software specialized in photo editing . Devoid of the most sophisticated tools in Photoshop, LightRoom focuses on photography alone.

LightRoom is not a limited program, far from it. The instruments available are professional and, at the same time, intuitive, making it an ideal instrument for improving and correcting your shots.

The ability to create slideshows, albums or books to print and share them in digital format makes it indispensable for the everyday use of any photographer. If you are a pro and ready to invest for a software which is best Photo Editing Software for Mac, then LightRoom is for you.

Mature over the years: ACDSee Pro

This software is far from being a newcomer in the history of photo editing, even if his career has had ups and downs. Deeply updated, it is now becoming a good place in the photographic post-production market thanks to a battery of convincing arguments: powerful tools, speed of execution and a price that defies the competition.

Like Photoshop and its Express version, this software comes in two versions, one for semi-professional photographers ( ACDSee ) and the other for amateurs (and ACDSee Photo Editor ), lacking the latter, the latter image management functions.

The Windows solution: Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is more like an alternative (economical) to Adobe Photoshop than a competitor of LightRoom and ACDSee Pro. To compete with these, it is better to turn to Corel AfterShot Pro.

The spectrum of instruments is vast and allows you to work also in vector graphics. Corel is a good solution if you are looking for a very complete software at a lower price than the competition.

The Apple solution: Pixelmator

Wondering how to edit photos on Mac without Photoshop? Reserved for Apple users, the Pixelmator software is also a more intuitive and cost-effective alternative to Photoshop. The main instruments of the Adobe program are indeed all present and even simplified, and beautifully served by a captivating interface.

If you need to perform very advanced operations, this program will not be up to par, but if your retouching needs remain limited and you are looking for an economically affordable solution, Pixelmator is the program for you. Born for Apple devices, the Pixelmator is best Photo Editing Software for Mac.

Photo editing for everyone

Formerly reserved for the insider, because heavy of very sharp functionalities, the software of photo editing is democratized all the more quickly that the smartphones integrate devices always more powerful and of size to be measured with the classic device Reflex.

In post-production, for a deep transformation of images, nothing replaces computer software. However, app stores enrich their catalogs of applications that not only allow today to take better pictures, but also to retouch immediately before sharing them on the networks social.

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