How to Select Best Business Phone Systems for Your Company

The enthusiasm of the companies is there. Businesses understood the financial interest in installing the business phone system. The massive spread on the market of VoIP solutions, as powerful as each other allows you to go for a wide choice and more and more competitive. Do you find it difficult in opting for best business phone system for your company? Follow this little guide to find some trails to dig.



It is a mode of telephony using the Internet network. The voice is digitized and then routed like any other data. The benefits are many:

  • Linked to your internet bill, the cost of VoIP (Voice Internet Protocol) is reduced;
  • This is without a doubt THE solution of tomorrow which will be generalized;
  • You gain mobility. Your employee can keep their “landline” number wherever thy are. Simpler for your customers.
  • All your devices, printers, copiers, computers, are now on the same network – more interfacing problems and less cabling, as most phones have two network ports that also power the computer.
  • Useful features: voicemail, call forwarding, sending e-mail messages.


For some small businesses that do not have complicated telephony needs, the ISPs’ offerings can be perfectly adapted. They are often already integrated in the packs.

On the other hand, if you have several lines and a standard to manage, the passage through an IPBX system or a Centrex is certainly necessary.

IPBX or Centrex Office Phone Systems

The operation is the same as the previous PABX systems: connect the lines internally and be able to call outside of any telephone terminal. All features are available in both systems. The main difference lies in the fact that with IPBX, the system is installed in the company. Therefore requires management internally or outsourced, while with Centrex, the system is hosted on remote servers. The intervention costs are therefore lower.

The Centrex business phone system is particularly well suited to large groups with many telephones, or established on several sites, because economies of scale are then significant.

The Virtual Receptionist; Virtual Answering Service


The number of players on this field has grown exponentially in recent years. But you will have to study the various proposals for best business phone systems. This will help you to not miss to receive meticulously, differences in prices and benefits can be important. If you want to get good rates on equipment, you can hire a wholesale supplier and distributor of computer hardware in Canada .

In any case, always look carefully:

  • International offers including rooming-in and rooming-out costs
  • Unlimited offers
  • Costs on mobile phones
  • Maintenance contracts: 24/24 or less…
  • Offers of collaborative tools that can be interesting for large groups working multi sites, multi-country.


The migration to an IP phone system has a significant cost, as it will probably change the existing phone pool and cancel subscriptions on suppliers.

To limit these migration costs, remember that the best times are:

  • When you start your business
  • On the occasion of a move
  • At the end of a contract with a traditional telephone provider
  • If you need to renovate your IT infrastructure
  • If you need impossible features with a conventional system

The technology of business phone systems based on VoIP is evolving very quickly and will become an imperative in a few years. So let’s get started right away. Plan, compare, surround yourself with experienced professionals. This will help you quickly see all the benefits of business phone systems i.e. VoIP phone systems.

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