How to Capture Screenshot on Macbook, Windows PC, Chromebook, Android and iphone Devices

In this article we are covering easy methods to capture screenshots on Windows, Apple, Android and Chrome devices.


How to Capture Screenshot on a Macbook

There are two easy ways to capture screenshots on Macbook –

  1. Capturing Entire Screen –
    • Hit Shift and command 3 buttons, the screenshot will be automatically saved to desktop in a .png format.
    • Default name will be ScreenshotDateTime.png.
  2. Capturing screenshot of a selected area –
    • Hit Shift and command 4 buttons.
    • The pointer will turn into a crosshair.
    • Drag the crosshair as per your need (hold Shift, Option, or Space bar to change the selection parameters)
    • Release the mouse or trackpad to capture a screen shot
    • The screen shot is saved automatically on your desktop

How to Capture Screenshot on Windows PC/Laptop

There are again two easy methods to capture screenshot on Windows PC/laptop –

  1. Capturing Entire Screen
    • Use Print Screen (PrtScn, Prnt Scrn, Print Scr or prt sc). The key is located near to F12 at right-hand side on keyboard.
    • Just hit the print screen key and the screen shot will be copied to the clip board.
    • Paste the copied screenshot on MS word, excel or paint and ‘save as’ your desired format.
  2. Capturing screenshot of a selected area –

It is possible to capture the screenshot of a selected area on the Windows screen using snipping tool.

  • Click Windows icon on screen and search for ‘snipping tool’.
  • Open the desired window on screen.
  • Click ‘New’ in snipping tool, the active screen will turn gray.
  • Use mouse of trackpad to select the area of screen.
  • Release the mouse or trackpad to capture the screenshot
  • Save the screen shot to desired location.

Capture Screenshot in Chrome book –

  1. Capturing Entire Screen –
  • Press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Switch Window’ key. The switch window key is located right next to full screen key.
  • As you press both the keys, a notification will be displayed in bottom corner on screen mentioning that a screenshot has been saved. The default location of screenshots in Chrome book is the ‘downloads’ folder. Note – the screenshots are saved locally and you need to manually move them to Google Drive.
  1. Capturing screenshot of a selected area –
    • Procedure to capture partial area on screen is similar to above with only thing that you should press Shift key along with Ctrl and Switch window. This will enable the cursor into crosshair. Drag the crosshair as per requirement and release the mouse or trackpad to capture the selection.

Capture Screenshot on Android Devices –

There are two methods to capture the screenshots on Android devices.

  1. Physical Buttons –
    • Press and hold together the ‘Volume down’ and ‘Power’ buttons. This will capture the screenshot of active window.
  2. Using Screenshot Feature in Notification Bar –
    • Enable the screenshot feature in ‘Notification bar’.
    • Go to the screen you want to capture
    • Drag the curtain down and hit screenshot icon
    • The screen shot will be captured automatically.

Capture Screenshot on iphone–

Press the screen sleep/wake button and quickly press home button. This will capture the active screen to the camera roll in gallery.

“Hope you are going to give these options a try on your device. Share with us, if there is any other better way to take screenshots. We will add it to the list”.


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