DesignEvo: The Best Custom Logo Design Tool to Help You Design Logo for Your Business

Do you need a custom logo design for your business? Buying a ready made logo can be pricey! Even, when you’ve finally decided to afford one with a big expense, it won’t guarantee you a satisfying business logo. It may be a quality logo, but you may not like the design or it may not simply represent your business.

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To design a spirit-sharing logo, the designer who is in charge of designing the logo should have a complete knowledge of your brands and products, which is almost impossible for most hiring designers. That’s the reason that Apple has its own design team for its logo. So when it comes to custom logo design, for us, average people, it’s best to design the logo on our own.

But how to DIY a custom logo design? What a headache! Business logo design with Photoshop is too complex for most of us.

Well, let’s search for an easier workaround! The free logo maker: DesignEvo is a good choice when it comes! Let us show you how to custom design logo with DesignEvo.

How to Design a Professional Logo with DesignEvo in 1 Minute?


Pay a visit to DesignEvo homepage. We see two buttons – [Make a Free Logo] and [Make a Logo]. After pressing it, you will see the navigation interface immediately. 

1.Search for a template to start with:

Think hard for a word info for your branding. Run it in the search input box labeled [Search Templates].

custom logo design2

2.Choose a template and customize your logo:

Take a quick look at the exampled logo template with your info input and pick one to go ahead. Change the [Company Name] and [Slogan Here] with proper words. Select one logo element, find changeable items on the top functional bar and make a change to your liking.

custom logo design3

3.Preview and download your logo image:

Hit the [Preview] button on the top, then DesignEvo will show you six scenarios where the logo can be applied: business card, document header, notebook cover, website, real T-shirt and presentation wall. So you can decide whether you like it or not before downloading your design. After previewing your design, you can download the logo design to an image by hitting [Download].

Typically, DesignEvo offers three options – Free – Basic – Plus. It’s not a 100% free logo maker if you want a high-resolution logo, a vector logo, or royalty-free logo. But its pricing list is reasonable and inexpensive. For most users, they can get by with DesignEvo Free plan.

custom logo design4

Final Words

DesignEvo is a cool online app for custom logo design. With DesignEvo in hand, you can create a logo according to your plan and thought. DesignEvo Plus plan covers PDF/SVG vector files, which free you from raster logo resizing problems.

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