Earn Free Google Play Credits with Google Opinion Rewards (Android App)

Hope you are already aware of Google Opinion Rewards program which can earn you free Google play money. This is an initiative of Google to seek feedback about various topics about it’s services.

Until now the Google Opinion Rewards was available for users from US and European countries only. Now Google has extended this program to all major countries. In recent update the program has been extended to India, Singapore and Turkey.  Lets explore the Android app from Google and see how to earn Google play money.


The Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

You need to install the app from Google Play Store. After installing the app you will be asked to verify your identity. To do so you need to provide your mobile number. Google will send an OTP to authenticate the given mobile number.

You will have to provide your full name also in order to establish your identity for credit of rewards. Google payments account is required to receive free Google play credits. A new account can be created if no done so already.

As soon as you finish up above formalities, your account will be submitted to Google for activation. The account mostly is activated in 20 minutes and you will receive a notification on your device. A sample survey will be presented to make yourself familiar with the process. Once you complete the sample, Google will ask you a generic question like how did you hear about this application? Your account will be credited as soon as you respond to the answer. The credit varies from 0.10 cents to 1.00$.

This credit will remain in your account for 1 year and can be used to to buy paid apps, music, movies and books from Google. As per Google you can receive survey on weekly basis i.e. one survey per week.

Google Opinion Rewards may not give you so much money, but still good option  to earn free Google play credits.

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