15 Ways: Earn Money Online without Investment for Students

Although it’s been a few years since I was in college, I certainly remember the need for some money. One thing most students do not realize is that you can get that extra money without having to leave your computer. There are a variety of online jobs for students or summer jobs for college students, and I will cover the best 15 jobs available.


These online jobs come from a wide variety of fields and very different needed skills for each. I chose them as the best online jobs for students based on a few factors, such as required skills and making money potential.

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For each job, I will explain what it is, how you can make money doing it, as well as the skills involved to get into it.

My List of Earn Money Online without Investment for Students

1. Take Surveys Online

You guessed it would be on the list, since my site is dedicated to making money by taking surveys. However, I include in the first place because it is so simple to use and earn money. There are no basic skills needed, and you can start making money right now.

With taking surveys online, you are paid to voice your opinions. Market research companies use your feedback to get feedback on products or services, create new products or services, or get public opinion on a wide variety of issues. There are also other ways to make money within these sites. To begin, you can consult my list of the best online survey portals for online earning without investment.

If you do not want to wait and would rather dive into money right away.

While taking surveys will not get you rich, if you follow my advice here on the Chris survey, it will make a good amount for a student. Especially when you consider that you can start winning today and all you need is a computer or smart phone to go there. With the ease of use, and the amount you can add to your monthly income, I believe that taking surveys to be one of the best online jobs for students. Have a look on my previous article on Best Online Survey Websites to Earn Side Income.

2. Freelance Writing

Online writing jobs for students are one of the best ways to make that extra money, and it can even turn in full on the career as well as the stimulation of your resume.

Earn Handsome Income from Freelance Translation Work

Although I’m not a freelance writing expert, here are some articles that can really allow you to continue writing freelance as a student:

Below is a list of websites one can refer for freelance writing jobs:

3. Freelance Photography (sell stock photos)

If you happen to be good at photography, or are pretty clever with your cell phone camera, then you could make money for your photos. The way it works is that you create an account and upload your photos to one of the sites I listed below. People come to these sites to buy the rights to use the photos and you are paid for downloading. As simple as that.

Here is a list of online money making sites without investment that you can sell your photos on:

4. General Freelance Work

While you can stick to writing and photography jobs, there are still a ton of options when it comes to making money online through freelancing. As a student, it is a good idea to take a look through these sites to see if there is a job that you have the skills to complete.

Some sites to check are:

5. Sell on eBay or Amazon or other Online Shopping Portals

often, you can find something in a package deal, such as video games and sell them individually more.

Back from your books at the bookstore or tribunes that people set up on campus barely pay. You can sell your own books, as well as your classmates online books (for a commission) for much more than you could get at the bookstore.

6. Take Full Advantage of Craigslist

Buy / Get stuff for free, then sell it for money. This can certainly work on Craigslist, because people are constantly selling for cheap or giving away free items that are perfectly fine or broken and can be fixed. often, people give away the biggest items simply because they do not want to make the effort to move them. If you or your friend has a truck, you are a great benefit to make money with Craigslist.

Also, if you’re good at anything fixing, I’m sure you can find a broken version on Craigslist, fix it and sell it for a profit.

You can also find good amount of freelance work on Craigslist.

8. Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment

Many companies want to outsource tasks such as data entry transcripts or writing audio data. This is as simple as you send them files, and you using their software to enter the data, or note the audio clip. Online data entry jobs without investment for students is easiest and most economical way to earn online money.

Here is a list of companies offering online data entry jobs without investment:

9. Customer Service / Commercial

Although it’s not 100% online, it’s still a long way from making money from your computer, and some of the customer service jobs are completely online, so I thought I’d include it. These jobs are as simple as being a customer service representative, or a sales support staff for the companies. If you do not mind being on the phone, then this is a great option for you.

Here is a list of companies offering these types of positions:

10. Sell Crafts on Etsy

Etsy is similar to eBay or Amazon, but instead of selling random things, you sell your arts and crafts personally. If you love doing arts and crafts, and are looking for a job online, then Etsy could work a lot for you.

11. Create a Blog

If you have a topic that interests or interests you, you can start an online blog. You can go to wordpress.org or wordpress.com , and start a blog in minutes. One of the easiest ways to make money with a blog is to have advertisements on your blog or sell affiliate products that you advocate, such as your favorite video games, books, or music.

This is less guaranteed than taking surveys for money but is a maybe fun option for you to try.

12. Write a Kindle eBook

Believe me it is very easy to write an eBook for Kindle.  It only takes a few minutes to publish. Writing on the other hand is very difficult. However, if you have a topic or story that you think people would like to read and pay, then there is really nothing stopping you from giving a shot.

You can download here free Kindle formatting book .

13. Open Your Online Store

Although I do not plan to give a detailed plan on opening an online store, it is one of the best ways to make a living online. You can create products and hold an inventory, or you can find manufacturers and have your items shipped down, so you should never touch the inventory.

By coming up with a business idea and having it run are extremely difficult and take a lot of skills and knowledge, setting up a store is super simple with Shopify.

14. Produce an Application

If you feel ambitious and think that you have a good idea of ​​application, then you could be at the other end of the freelance table and hire someone to produce an application for you. As with running the business online. You already know that a single app could result in millions of dollars, Whatsapp for example.

15. Trading Stocks

This is probably very unrealistic for a student, but I figure more ideas that I give you the best online jobs opportunities. If you happen to have some money sitting around, and feel confident in your ability to make money on the stock market then this may be for you.

I will be honest and say what is probably the riskiest way on this list to make money online. But if you’re really interested and feeling ambitious, then you must give it a try. There are so many blogs and Youtube videos to learn about stock trading.

Final Words

That’s my list of the top 15 online jobs for students. This article may help you if you are looking for online jobs without investment and registration fee, or online jobs without investment. Above article about online jobs without investment from home for students will surely help you earn some bucks.

If you have other ideas for students to earn online money or any questions? Let me know in the comments!


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