Best & Free Alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Are you aware of best & free alternative to Adobe Illustrator? If not, it is open source software Inkscape.

Yes Inkscape, the best and totally free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. And did we say totally free.

Inkscape has all the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator and rich illustrations can be produced with it.

The software is extremely easy to use and you could become expert of it within few days of use.

Below is a screen shot of Inkscape interface.

This great alternative to Adobe Illustrator is open source and is available for free to use for both personal and business use. Even the source code is available for customization and redistribution.

Inkscape is very light weight (approx 40 mb file size) and uses minimal resources as compared to Adobe Illustrator.

Inkscape was originally and specially design for Linux distros and eventually developed for Windows platform later on.

Ready to give a try? Visit now.

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