Earn Handsome Income from Freelance Translation Work

If your answer to below points is yes, then this post is going to be very useful for you:

  • Want to earn good amount of money working from home
  • You have a computer/laptop with internet connection
  • Strong in English language
  • Have great knowledge of your mother tongue


If your answer is yes to above question, then earn money translating online is a perfect option for you. Remember earn money online translating is a fun as well as great source of income.

What is translation business

Day by day the companies are extending their business to new countries. Similarly people from one country are settling up in other, and more students are taking up courses at foreign universities. All this is adding space for translation business. There are thousands of instructions, manuals, letters, certificates, legal & health documents which need to be made available in local language for ease of public.

There are hundreds of agencies who take up the translation requests from govt departments and companies. Some of these agencies will hire translators on full term basis if they have a fixed workload through out the year. But most of agencies get help from translators on ‘as and when required‘ basis. Payment is made on ‘money per source word basis.

How to earn from freelance translation work

So if you have a basic computer or laptop along with internet connection (for online help, CAT tools etc), then you can just jump start as freelance translator. There are many marketplace websites where you can register yourself as a translator for free and start getting job work. Below is a basic flow process:

  • Practice some documents in your preferred language pair
  • Make an attractive resume
  • Submit your profile to translation market place websites (review of translation marketplace websites)
  • Learn to use a CAT tool (Computer Assisted Translation)  (list of free CAT tools)
  • Search and approach translation agencies for job work

It will be difficult to receive the job orders initially as you will be just new in the market. Also the agencies will offer you bare minimum rates. But do not give up as relationships build over time.

Best practices for long lasting relations

  • JUST ACCEPT IT. Even if you get a work order of only few words, which will mint only few cents
  • Be punctual for all your work orders (no agency will tolerate the delays as it results in loss of business)
  • Be punctual and keep delivering the work orders

Above points will help you build long lasting relations with clients and you will start getting good amount of work orders.


How much one can earn?

Well! there is no limit to the earnings. But let us do a simple math here.

Your typing speed: 50 wpm

Output in an hour: 50*60=3000 words

Rate: 0.005 USD/source word

Earnings: 3000*0.005 = 15 USD per hour

Earnings will drastically improve when you get mastery on translation, use CAT tools, familiarization with terminology improves, your typing speed improves.

So what are you waiting for, jump start now.

PS. If you have any further questions, please post those in comments section, I will be more than happy to answer.


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6 thoughts on “Earn Handsome Income from Freelance Translation Work”

  1. We stumbled over here coming from a different website and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to going over your web page again.

  2. Hello Sir, I just want to know that i don’t have good background of computer and only work as data operator for few months and my typing speed is like 30wpm so is it possible for me to earn from this work.

    • Hi Yogesh, Thanks for posting your query on infobynet.com. See, for computer knowledge, you do not have to be a computer expert in order to start working as freelance translator. It is more than sufficient if you are good at Microsoft word and Basic of MS Excel and the PDF files.

      Only advantage with having good computer knowledge is that you can take big assignments and use many tools which can help you deliver your work fast (mean more money).

      Typing speed: is important if you are working with big project, it the client is ok with the relaxed dates, then it is not a problem, but most of the clients look for speedy delivery of work, which indeed require fast typing speed. in simple words, more fast you could type, more bucks you can make.

      Bonus: check ansh website https://anshintertrade.com/, they offer small small tasks which you can easily do with less typing speed.

      Hope this helps you….


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