Get Copy of Your Driving Licence from DigiLocker

I hope you are already familiar with the Digilocker portal (made by India Govt). In out previous post, we covered overview of Digilocker portal. Apart from storing your documents on DigiLocker cloud storage, it has many other advantages i.e. your can get your driving licence from DigiLocker.


Some of the key advantages are that you can easily pull your official documents i.e. Aadhaar card, driving licence, vehicle registration documents, school/college certificates.

Today we will explain you that how can you easily get a copy of your driving licence from DigiLocker portal.

Key features of the DigiLocker portal/app:

  • The documents pulled from Digilocker are legal and valid
  • You need not carry original documents with you
  • Driving licence can be shown on mobile app to the cops if demanded

How to get copy of driving licence from DigiLocker:

  1. Login to Digilocker portal on . You can either use your Aadhaar card number or create an account with email id in a traditional way.
Driving Licence from DigiLocker
  • After successful login, click on “Issued Documents” and on “Get More
Driving Licence from DigiLocker
  • Option to select the government department will be available now
  • Click on first box and select the desired department (in this case Ministry of road transport and highways, all states)
  • Select the type of document in second box (i.e. Driving Licence)
  • A form with some pre-filled information will appear
Driving Licence from DigiLocker
  • Fill in required information i.e. driving licence number and relationship reference.
  • Accept the terms and click on “Get Document“.
  • Done! You will get copy of your driving licence in PDF format

You can save this driving licence copy somewhere else (google drive or other cloud storage) if wish to.

Hope you will be able to pull your driving licence copy from DigiLocker with above steps.

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