Google Family Link – Best Free Parental Control App

Are you looking for a best free parental control app for iPhone, Mac or Android? Your search ends here with best and free parental control app from Google.


It is hard to imagine life without internet as it has made our life so easy. Information from whole of the globe is in front of you within few clicks or touches on screen of your smart device. There are so many benefits of internet to professionals, businessmen, students and the children but many side effects as well. The adults are mostly in a position where they could make a decision between good or bad, while it is bit difficult and confusing for children to take a decision with the information available on internet.

Hence it is very essential to have a parental control in place, to protect our kids from the evils of the internet.

So lets discuss about the best free parental control app from Google, the Google Family Link. Yes, this app should end all your urge to keeping your child safe on the internet.

Features of Google Family Link:

  • View activity of your kids on internet

Keep an eye round the clock on the activity of your child on his/her smartphone or other compatible devices. You can monitor the apps used by them, kind of music/videos being played. Even you can view their search queries as well. You can also see how much time they spend on a particular app or browser.

  • Approve/Block Installation of Apps

You can easily manage the device of your child by controlling the kind of apps you allow him/her to install. Every time your child tries to install an app, you get a notification on your own device asking permission to install the app.

  • Suggest healthy apps to your child

Google feeds knowledgeable apps which are recommended by the teacher community. You can directly install these apps on your child’s smartphone for him to go through. I personally like this feature as this can help us get good content for our kids (note: these apps are at the moment available only in the US).


  • Set time limit on screen

You can set your own time limit up to which your kid can use its smartphone. Even you can decide a bedtime as well which will pop up on screen of your child when it is time to go to bed. The device will not work any further, until you decide to unlock it.

  • Remote lock

You can lock the smartphone of your child remotely as and when you decide it. So this way you can force them to other activities, i.e. outdoor sports, hobby activities or to simply spend some time together.

  • Track location of your child

You can also track the location of your child (while they carry the controlled smartphone along with them). So you can be relaxed to see that your ward is in safe zone.

You can download Android version of Google Family Link on Play  store or Google Family Link on iTunes.

Conclusion: It is almost impossible to avoid exposure of  internet to your children, but we can help them stay away from bad evils of the internet by keeping a close watch on their activities and then guiding them towards the good things.


Do let us know how you feel about this important topic of keeping your child safe from the internet and Google Family Link – best parental control software.

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  1. Most of the parental control app lets you lock phone of your kids with a single tap when you don’t want them to use their devices so you can have their full attention during family activities and gatherings.


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