Google G Suite for Business – Introduction and G Suite Promotion Code

If Gmail is now the personal email reference, G Suite is the reference for businesses. In 2017, more than 3 million businesses worldwide have a G Suite account with more than 50 million users. Whether you are a self-entrepreneur, an SME or a large company, G Suite is the perfect suite of office tools. (G Suite promotion code 2018 at the end of the article).


G Suite is simple and effective similar to some of these wonderful apps by Google, it will help your employees be more productive and better collaborate for an exceptional return on investment. G suite promotion code 2018 at the end of article.


Work with your domain name

Using the free version of Gmail is a solution that many companies choose. If day-to-day work does not seem to be affected, your business is exposed to certain dangers and does not enjoy the many benefits of G Suite.


G Suite allows you to use Gmail by using the domain name of your company. becomes . It’s not only that it looks good on a visit card or in an email that you send to a customer, but you give an impression of professionalism, seriousness and ultimately, a better reputation to your company. Personally and I know that a lot of my in fact, especially when it comes to the first relations with a potential partner, I look at the email address when I receive an email. If it’s a Gmail account, I tell myself that the company must be small, that its leaders have not made the effort to get a professional email or they have been negligent.

Today email is a visit card, it represents you. Do not neglect it.

All content belongs to you

An aspect that too many companies neglect, and that for practical reasons use personal emails internally, is the property of the data and the consequences that it can have. Trade and business documents that are the property of the company must be under the control of the company. And this for security reasons and legal reasons. What happens when you separate from an employee? What happens when an employee’s account has been hacked or lost their password?

When you create a Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo account, even if it’s free, you sign a contract with the service provider. And this contract specifies that all content is the property of the user. The provider is a service provider who provides its platform to these customers, whether they have paid or not. A collaborator who leaves, and legally, in the eyes of Google, Microsoft or Yahoo, all the content that is in his mailbox is his.

This is without counting on the fragility of these accounts at the security level. With G Suite, you make sure that all the content is under control. Legally, it belongs to your company and Google is obliged to return it to you. And at the security level, you can instantly suspend an account or renew is password in case of hacking or forgetting. A G Suite account is a very effective insurance for your business.


Cohesion internally

Internally, it is important for your staff to feel that they are working in a business environment. That they do not confuse personal messages with business messages in their inbox is already a start. But being able to customize the G Suite product interface with your logo, even if it’s a quick and easy change, helps employees feel they’re working in the business environment, even when they are outside the company.

This creates internal cohesion, which is crucial for any business.


A key factor for any entrepreneur is responsiveness. Set up an information system to manage the most basic tasks in the operation of the company, such as emails, a calendar, a space to access documents, etc. can be complicated and time consuming. This is where G Suite turns out to be an almost magical solution.

Getting started in record time!

Buying a domain name and setting it up, opening a G Suite account, and adding users can take less than 30 minutes (maybe even less). That is to say that in a few tens of minutes, your users are connected and ready to work! And not on any system! In record time, everyone has access to their messaging, their agenda, and a system for managing documents on the Cloud (Drive) on all their devices: computers, smartphones and tablets.


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Easy administration

Administering your G Suite account is really child’s play. The admin console, accessible through (easy to remember), gives you access to all the configuration options of your account. As an example you can:

  • Create users and manage their status and passwords
  • Add domain names
  • Add Aliases or Receiving Groups
  • Manage more advanced options like G Suite application permissions
  • Or specific rules like email routing, shared distribution or double delivery.

Your employees are in familiar territory

As a manager, you undoubtedly know the effect of resistance to change on a company’s activities.

As today a very large number of people have a personal Google account and use Gmail every day, switching to G Suite is natural. The operation is very often well received by the collaborators and a dynamic around G Suite is created, which leads to a membership and adoption of the most fluid. Have you ever experienced the release of an application into a company’s information system? Those who lived it know what it is about here. The new CRM, the new HR software, the new printer!

G Suite is certainly the most complete and central suite of software that your company will never use, yet its implementation and adoption is very simple.


G Suite’s mission is to help businesses achieve maximum productivity by providing them with effective desktop and collaboration tools. With G Suite, businesses can focus on their business to help manage IT issues.



When you have a base of billions of users, performance is extremely important. For Google, the speed of response of its servers is in the DNA of its applications. The least bit must be justified. G Suite takes advantage of the same infrastructure that manages Google Search, Google Ads, or Google Maps. This is how Google’s online applications are responsive, often confused with immediacy. Unintentionally clicking on the “Send / Receive” button will be a thing of the past.

Productivity and collaboration

As discussed above, G Suite’s tools allow you to focus on your business instead of being constantly slowed down by infrastructure issues. In addition, the tools themselves are designed for a changing world, where exchange is instantaneous and collaboration is constant. With Google documents for example, you can collaborate on the same presentation at the same time without stepping on your feet. No more lost in the round-trips of files and the manual management of the merge of content that strolls in 10 different files. With G Suite, everyone works on the same document at the same time and in real time.

Add to that Google Hangout which allows you to chat and organize video calls with screen sharing and files, sharing calendars and events, etc., and you have a solution in hand

The very affordable price or a coffee story

When a company interested in G Suite does the math to find out how much G Suite is going to cost, it’s up to the decision-maker to find the high price. But I assure you, it’s far from being justified. In reality, the price of G Suite is ridiculous compared to what this solution.

Imagine that you decide, to maintain a good atmosphere at work, to pay a coffee a week to each employee. Suppose coffee only costs you 2$. Would you consider an action of this kind? If it is, you are already doing a lot more! Let’s do a little math to have fun:

One coffee per week 
= 2$ / week 
= 8$ / month (4 weeks per month) 
= 96$ / year (12 months per year) 
> 60$ / year = G Basic Suite

So, for 96$ per employee per year , you pay a coffee per week to your employees and you say it’s an investment, but the return is rather uncertain: will your employees be more productive? I doubt. But let’s play the game. What does G Suite cost per employee? 60$ per year only. So, for 60$ per year, you offer each employee the most important tools of all the activity of your company: emails, calendar, document management, video conference, etc., not to mention all the advantages to be on the Google Cloud, and this for less than a coffee per week that cost you only 2$ (a bad coffee I imagine).

So? You still find G Suite too expensive!?

Aliases, groups and domain names

G Suite includes two features that make it save time and make communication more efficient. Three features make it possible to create fictitious email addresses that send messages to internal mailboxes, and to have users who use different domains within the same account.


Each company must have email addresses for particular uses.,,,, etc. are addresses that can be associated with a user. Suppose that is associated with john.smith@ Every time someone sends a message to CEO @ is john.smith @ that will receive this message. Then not only john.smith @can reply using this address (following a simple configuration on his Gmail), but the alias can be transferred to another user at any time. Just remove it from the first and add it to the second one.

The alias is also very useful when the username changes. If we decide that john.smith @ becomes m.smith @ , and not to have to send an email to all his contacts database for the update, just add the old email address as alias of the new. Good news, G Suite does it automatically when we change the username in the admin console.

A G Suite user can have up to 30 aliases  at the same time.


Groups work the same way as aliases, but this time, several users belong to the same group. Imagine that you would like to forward the received messages to the two people in charge of customer service, his line manager and the CEO. To do this, simply create a group whose email address is and add the 4 users as members.

Modifying group members is a breeze and can be very convenient to avoid omitting messages sent to general addresses. Not to mention that it is also possible to send emails using the address of the group.

Domain names

If your organization has multiple activities that share support functions such as accounting or IT, and each entity has a specific domain name, you do not need to create a G Suite account for each entity, with management and specific billing.

A G Suite account allows you to add as many domain names as you need. Once a domain name has been added and verified , you can create users with this domain name and provide them with aliases from any domain. Example with the new domain name added to the account.

  • You can create or change the addresses of any user: can become
  • can have all the following aliases:
    • contact@other-md-ca

These simple features make business life really easy! For example, we have a client in tourism who must use different domain names for each activity he organizes, sometimes for each event. Each user of his company has only one mailbox, but using aliases, groups and different domain names, his team does not need to check several mailboxes.


G Suite on all your devices

Today, and this is just an obvious fact, we are using more and more of our mobile devices, and less and less our computers. We can even have multiple computers and we change smartphones every year!

At a time when Microsoft Outlook and email clients installed on the computers were the only messaging tools we used, email management was a nightmare. Not to mention the times when the computer was spitting and we lost all his mail, or had to find a resourceful computer expert who would get our PST files and install them on a new computer.

With G Suite, all this is really a thing of the past. Get a new device, PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, etc., and in minutes you have access to your mail, contacts, calendar and documents in their latest version. No more hassle when traveling. The device itself, which was the heart of our work became secondary thanks to G Suite.

30 GB per user and counting

Who today consumes more than 30 GB of space for his email and his documents on the Cloud? It is estimated that each year, our box earns 1 GB on average. At this rate, 30 GB can be an eternity. No need to archive messages, manage PST files or select messages to delete.

For those whose job or function requires more space, space is not a problem. We can increase its quota from 4$/ month for 20 GB more. It’s huge, and I do not know anyone who has reached this limit.

Finally, Google has already done it once, it will do it again. The space quota was 20 GB at the beginning of G Suite (which was called Google Apps for Work at the time), until 2013 when this quota was increased by 30 GB. 50% more in one day!

With so much space and the possibility to add, life is not this easier?

Extra availability

The G Suite contract with Google includes an SLA clause that guarantees the availability of its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 99.9% per month. If the availability is less than 99.9%, G Suite customers are entitled to an extension of the services based on the availability lost according to the table on this page .

Nevertheless, know that in 2013, the availability of G Suite reached 99.978%, less than 2 hours of unavailability in a whole year! In addition, Google never interrupts its services to make improvements on its servers. Its redundancy system allows it to provide services by continuing while improving the functionality seamlessly for its customers.

Extra security

The very relevant concern of any business owner is data security. And Google takes the thing very seriously. Their servers are the most attacked in the world, and so far no major security breach has affected its users. It must be understood that the slightest loophole could cause Google to lose billions of dollars. In technology companies like Google, customer trust is the number one argument.

In addition, to protect its customers, Google has added some very effective features to combat:

  • Phishing: it’s when a hacker sends you an email posing as Google to recover your password
  • Viruses: Google’s antivirus is among the most powerful in the world
  • SPAM: Gmail was the first to fight against SPAMs as soon as it was released in 2009

Finally, to fight against hackers who may have recovered your password, Google has in place two-step authentication  that allows you to use your mobile phone to validate any connection attempt. This system can send you SMS or, if you have installed the Google application, suggest that you click the Yes or No button for each connection attempt.

The infinite marketplace of G Suite

Being used by millions of companies around the world, cloud solution providers can integrate with G Suite to make life easier for their customers. For example, a CRM or Workflow application can link to your G Suite account to authenticate with your single G Suite account, associate your emails with prospects, or add events to your calendar when a Workflow step is enabled. 

The G Suite Marketplace contains hundreds (thousands?) Of applications ranging from financial management, ERP, business management, web development, education, and more. I invite you to take a look.

Super-facilitated migration

When a company migrates to G Suite, the question is how to migrate the history of emails and contacts to G Suite. Nothing easier!

There are two ways (among others) that work perfectly:

  1. In the administration of G Suite, there is a tool called ” Migration” for the occasion,  which allows to connect in POP3 on the old box and to transfer the emails to the new box.
  2. You can also use this tool to migrate emails from Yahoo, and Gmail
  3. Each user can, on his Gmail, open the section ”  Transfer and POP / IMAP” and configure himself the account
  4. As far as contacts are concerned, a CSV export and an import on G Suite contactsworks perfectly.
  5. Save your data when you want

Google offers an amazing tool for backing up all the data on the Google server on your computer, Google Takeout ( help page ). Used by my team and my customers intensively, Google Takeout allows us to easily save an employee’s history before he leaves the ship.

Especially used for emails, you can download data in MBOX format and exploit them on Outlook or Thunderbird later. Thanks to Google Takeout, no data in your history is lost.

Incredible support

By subscribing to G Suite, you are a Google customer. so you have access to G Suite customer support directly. They are available 24 hours a day, by phone, chat and email and are hyper-responsive. For technical questions that are more or less complex and specific to your company or problems of use, you can get solutions to your problems very quickly. Google reminds you directly on your mobile phone if needed – no need to call back to receive the answer to your question.

On the Admin console, a support button lets you find contact information, get a unique PIN to use when making calls, or chat directly with Google agents.

With all this in the box, it is quite genuine to go with G Suite. Use this and try G Suite NOW! Use below G Suite promotion Codes 2018 to avail 20% discount instantly:


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