Google Maps on Apple CarPlay, Here’s How to Get It

For some reason, you may not be comfortable with Apple Maps and looking for alternatives. Well to help you out, now Google Maps on Apple CarPlay is now available. Many users are able to see Waze and Baidu maps also but depending on your country, these may not be available for you yet. As of now the Google Maps will work only on iOS 12 on wards and you need to update your iPhone to latest Google Maps in order to get CarPlay functionality.


Some features of Google Maps on Apple CarPlay:

UI of Google maps on Apple CarPlay is quite similar to Apple Maps due to strict policy by Apple. This causes Google to strip off some of the functionalities from its native UI. Otherwise the Google maps work as good as it works on your iPhone or Android.

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How to add Google Maps on Apple CarPlay

  1. Make sure your iPhone is updated to iOS 12 & the Google Maps version 5.0 or higher is installed
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click General then CarPlay
  4. Select your vehicle
  5. Swipe to the second page, click and hold on Google Maps, and drag it to the main screen
  6. Done! You have Google maps on Apple CarPlay now.

You can move the Apple Maps to second screen if like to, as an alternative. Then tap and hold Google maps and move to desired place (probably on first screen).

Conclusion: Even if you are a fan of Apple Maps, it is a good deal to and Google maps on CarPlay and keep as a stand by application. Apple has made significant improvements to its maps but Google maps still dominating the community.

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