How to Clear Cache on iPhone

In the same way as a computer, the iPhone stores and stores a multitude of data during your daily use (cookies, cache, history, etc.). Over time, this accumulation of undesired data ends up occupying a large space in the memory of the iPhone. This in some cases could lead to, bugs in the applications. Therefore, it becomes necessary to delete accumulated data regularly. You might be now wondering that how to clear cache on iPhone. We will explain this in below article.

Why clear the cache on iPhone?

You’ve probably already faced an error message telling you that storage space is full. this could happen for example while clicking a photo. Sometimes, manually deleting some files is enough to recover some storage space on your device. But there is a more efficient operation that many iPhone users neglect or ignore to clear cache iPhone.

Clear cache on iPhone browser (clear Safari browser cache)

When you browse the web from your iPhone, your smartphone’s web browser keeps track of all your browsing and personal data entered online. In the long run, these data contribute to the saturation of your storage space. Failing to be automatic, erasing the cache of your iPhone is extremely simple to achieve. Just go to Settings on your device, then select “Safari” (the web browser associated with the iPhone) and then choose “Clear history and site data” or “Clear the cache” according to the version of your iPhone. See – How to capture screenshot on iPhone & Mac.

Clear the application cache on iPhone

The web browser is not the only one to keep data on your iPhone. Applications also accumulate data that has a direct impact on the memory of your smartphone. To remove the application cache from an iPhone, go directly to the settings specific to each application. There is no way to clear the cache of all applications on an iPhone simultaneously. When the application settings do not offer clearing the cache, the only solution is to uninstall and then reinstall the application in question.

Dedicated applications to clear cache on iPhone

There are some applications available on the App Store to clean up your memory. iOS nevertheless restricts access to its data when the iPhone is not jailbroken. As a result, applications only remove crumbs. However, with the jailbreak, you can have access to effective applications to clear the cache of your iPhone. However, you take a risk on the guarantee of your iPhone and go against the security policy implemented by Apple.

Reclaim the storage space on your iPhone

By clearing the accumulated data on your device, emptying the cache allows you to recover memory, storage space and optimize the battery of your device. Other operations are also good for “cleaning” your iPhone. For example, remember not to keep too many SMS discussions in your iPhone, as the volume of your inbox may slow down the operation of your smartphone. Then make sure to remove the applications you do not use. For iOS 6 and earlier, double-click the home button, tap and hold an app until it starts to shake, then tap the red icon to remove it, and do so for all apps. your dock. Under iOS 7 and later, double-click on home and delete one by one the windows that are displayed by dragging them up with your finger. Finally, sort your multimedia data (photos, videos, music, etc.) by transferring some of them to your computer.

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