How to Close an App in iPhone X

Are you already frustrated with removal of the Home button in iPhone X, So now how to close an App oi iPhone X? In this article you will get a tip of closing the application on iPhone X which you may not be knowing earlier.

Apple has launched the iPhone X which is now without Home button. This is the first device from Apple with Home button. Removal of Home button has added up to the user experience the screen looks better now, but cause some problems, for example now how to an App in iPhone X after the disappearance of the Home button. Do not worry! In this article, we explain you the trick to close the application in iPhone X.

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How to close an App in iPhone X

To close an application on the old iOS device, you can press the main button twice to open the multitasking, then search for the App you want to close, and finally swipe up. But without a main button, how to close an application on iPhone X?

Step 1.

On the iPhone X, swipe up, and then hold until the multitasking appears. (Tip: you can also swipe up and then right, it’s faster).

Step 2.

Swipe right or left to find the App you want to close> Tap to the “Close” icon appearing (red mark)> Tap the icon to close the App (Hint: swipe up to close several more apps quickly)

Hope you find above information useful on how to close app in iPhone X. It’s very easy, is not it?

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