How to Combine Videos on iPhone

It feels wonderful to shoot clips and videos on your smartphone i.e. iPhone. Many times it happens that we shoot couple of small clips of our babies playing around, or some birds roaming around in the park. So what if you have to join all clips to form a single video. How to combine videos on iPhone?


If you are a Youtuber or someone expert in shooting videos on iPhone, then definitely you will need to join couple of clips on you iPhone to produce a wonderful video which you will be haring on Instagram or Youtube etc. In this article we will explain you how to combine videos on iPhone like a pro with simple tools.

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First thing to remember is that there are no default settings in either gallery or media player to join videos on iPhone. So you will be using 3rd party apps to combine videos on iPhone.

Here, we will suggest you 3 best apps to combine videos on iPhone.

  1. Merge Videos with iMovie Video Editor


iMovie is one of the best video editing as well as video merger app out there on Apple store. The app allows to to shoot wonderful videos right from your iPhone. You can also combine couple of movies with the help of iMovie and it let you share the movies to your other Apple devices with the help of AirDrop or iCloud. Follow below steps to combine videos on iPhone:

  1. Open iMovie app and go to Project  section on top of the screen.
  2. Click Create Project button, you see 2 options to choose from i.e. Movie or Trailer. Click Movie. Now click on create button or select a clip from your storage.
  3. Depending on you clip size, the project will open in few seconds. Now you can add videos which you wish to combine. Click on Media icon on top of the screen to open media gallery on iPhone. Select your desired video from the gallery and click add button. Now when the first file is loaded in the app, click and scroll across the clip to bring up the vertical dividing line called playhead.
  4. Select the time where you wish to add another video i.e. beginning, mid or at the end of the first file. Now repeat the above procedure again to load second video to your project.
  5. Once you have both the files loaded, you will be able to see a preview of the final output.
  6. You can add transition effects to your video to cover up the joint between the 2 videos.
  7. Once done with editing, hit the Done button to save the final video. You can name your video and save to your desired location.

2. Combine Videos with VideoShop


VideoShop is our all time favorite app when it comes to video editing on iPhone like a pro. With this app you can cut, merge, edit your videos easily. You can also add professional features to your videos, even can add your own voice. here’s how to combine videos on iPhone using VideoShop.

  1. Open VideoShop app
  2. Click on + sign on the screen, add the videos you wish to combine on iPhone. You can position the clips as per your choice.
  3. Upon adding videos, click Next button, if needed, add title, author name and other meta tags. If you like you can also add various effects to your video and can apply themes as well.
  4. Click on Share button to save the video to your desired location, AirDrop, iCloud or local storage. You can even directly share the file on Youtube, Instagram or Video etc.

3. Join Videos with Filmora


Filmora is a complete package when it comes to video editing on iPhone or other iOS devices. It is a matter of few clicks to to let your iPhone combine videos. Videos edited with Filmora are high quality and rich in features. Desktop version of Filmora is even better as it is having many advanced features for pro editing. Here is how to combine videos on iPhone using Filmora.

  1. Open Filmora app and click on File button in the toolbar.
  2. Click on Import Media button and then Import Media Files button
  3. The timeline will load, here you can drag and drop the clip you wish to add. The dragged files will automatically align to the timeline
  4. Now if you want, you can edit the video i.e. change contrast, color etc.
  5. Once done, click on Export button from the toolbar and select iPhone as storage location.

Final Words

So we hope you find it super easy to combine videos on iPhone using above apps. These apps to join videos together are simple and easy to use. There is no harm in giving a try to all three apps one by one and going with the best one suiting to your taste. Do you have any other app or method to share with? Let us know right away.

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