How to Delete Facebook Account (De-activation and Permanent Deletion)

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This article covers step by step information about How to delete Facebook account.” Everyone knows that Facebook is a wonderful social sharing platform which has touched billion hearts. Today’s scenario, it is hard to find someone not using Facebook. People love to share every important moment of their life.


But at times Facebook could be annoying for one. Frequent tagging, unrelated notifications or chat messages at busiest times cause disturbance to routine life.

These disturbances may require you to delete Facebook account permanently or you may wish if you could turn if off for sometime to take a break.

Well, here we will be covering how you can temporary disable your Facebook account or permanently delete Facebook account.

Follow below steps either disable Facebook account temperate or delete Facebook account permanently:

Disable Facebook Account Temporarily:

Disabling your Facebook account temporarily means you can come back later and start over from where you left. Your liked files, pictures, chat messages will be still available to your friends.

  1. On any Facebook page click the down arrow at top right-hand side delete facebook account
  2. Click “Settings
  3. In the left column, click “Security
  4. Select “Deactivate your account” and follow the instructions to go ahead with deactivating your Facebook account

Above procedure will deactivate your account and people will not be able to find you anymore. You can restore your Facebook account once you login with your registered email id and password.

Permanently Delete Facebook Account

If you decided never to use your Facebook account again, then you can follow below steps to permanently delete Facebook account. Please note that this will permanently delete the Facebook account and you will not be able to restore it back. Hence it is a good idea to take a backup of your Facebook account before proceeding with deletion of account.

To download a copy of your Facebook account and data follow these steps:

  1. Click small arrow on top right-hand side of any Facebook page
  2. Select”Settings“.
  3. Click the option at the bottom which says “Download a copy of your data“.

delete facebook

This will download your Facebook data in a .zip format.

Now use this url to proceed with deleting your Facebook account permanently –

Normally it takes around 90 days to fully delete Facebook account from all around the internet. During this period people will not be able to see anything on your profile. But the chat messages you left with your friends will be there in their chat boxes. You should contact individual friends to delete the chats if you need to do so.


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