How to Download a Youtube Video Easily

Download a Youtube video

We all visit these sites, to watch all kinds of videos, entertaining or practical, or find the clips of our favorite songs and build playlists in the background. If the quality is lower than what exists on platforms such as Deezer or Spotify, these video aggregators are catching up with the diversity of their content, and there is a good chance that the videos or music you are looking for, even the most exotic, be present on these. So you may like to download a Youtube video for your offline viewing.


Listening to your music on your computer is good, being able to be able to do so during travels is even better. There are several solutions, software or online methods to download the videos you like, or extract the sound to copy to your mp3 player. Many may seem confusing or suffer from repeated bugs, which is why we have selected the most interesting products of the moment.
Warning, on some sites, this manipulation is illegal, Youtube for example. The Terms of Use clearly state: “You agree not to access the Content for any reason other than personal non-commercial use, as provided and permitted by the normal functionality of the Service and solely for streaming purposes.” Streaming “means the simultaneous digital transmission of data by YouTube over the Internet, on a device with Internet access and managed by the user, so that the data is viewed in real time and not downloaded (that either permanently or temporarily) , copied, stored or redistributed by the user “

aTube Catcher

aTube catcher is a very powerful and totally free software. It requires installation, frankly fast, but supports a large number of formats. Despite its name, it is also valid for videos on Dailymotion. The interface is very easy to use. Copy the link at the top, specify the desired resolution (as far as it is available on the original video). Choose a format from a long list: MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, as well as many formats specific to certain devices. Finally, specify a backup folder, then click “download”. It can also detect the downloadable links automatically.

Once the conversion is complete, you can view the result by clicking on the “play” button at the bottom right, or search for your file in the specified folder.

VLC media player

You can also download videos from youtube with VLC media player which you can download on this page.

For that, after having opened the last version of the reader, you have to go in media then to convert / to record.
When the new window appears, select Network. You will be asked to enter a network URL, copy the URL of your video and open the drop-down menu next to Convert / Save to choose Convert.  (Note that the shortcut in order to do this is Alt + C).
This will open a new window where you can specify the location to save the file in mpg format. You can also change some parameters i.e. target format etc. Once satisfied with your settings, all you have to do is click Start. If you see that the download does not start on the VLC media player, click play, the downloading will start now.

Download Helper

The famous extension of Firefox, able to download any video present on a web page. If you have not already installed it, search for download helper extension, from the browser, “add to Firefox”. Install it, re-launch Firefox, here it is done.

The icon of the extension appears at the top left of the interface (the three red, blue and yellow marbles). It will activate as soon as it has spotted a video on a web page. From there, go to the video of your choice, then click on the icon in question and choose the format of your choice: MP4 (240, 360 or 480p), or FLV. The download will start automatically, you will only have to recover the file in your downloads folder.
Chrome climbs very quickly in popularity, so it was also entitled to a dedicated module, operating on the same principle.



Fluvore is the most used tool for downloading videos online. It allows you to extract videos from Youtube, but also Dailymotion, and other video hosting platforms. You can convert videos into different formats: MP3, AVI, MOV , MP4 , 3GL (for cell phones) or FLV , the most popular flash format on these platforms. Its advantage is its very simple interface. You just need to copy the URLof the video you want to download to the top bar, then choose the desired format, before clicking “convert and download the video”.

The conversion is fast, about thirty seconds, after which you will only have to download the converted file. Be careful though, some videos do not work on the site, for server issues it seems. If you see a video blocked, reload the page or use another method.


Same principle as for Fluvore, Keepvid allows you to download videos from various video platforms. The tool works with the Java software, which must be downloaded if necessary and activated. Copy the link on the bar at the top of the page, then click on “download”. You will have the choice between several formats: FLV (240, 360 or 480p), MP4 (up to 480p), WebM (360 or 480p) and of course MP3. Just click on the format you want, the download will start automatically. Good thing is that it works for all video types.



Y2mate is online video conversion utility. You can simply enter the url of the video and hit convert. The video will be converted to your pre-defined format and quality. A download link will be made available.

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