How to Edit PDF Files Using Free Tools in 2018

Sometimes it can be useful to edit PDF files, especially when you do not have the original file with which the PDF was created. We have gathered for you some freeware and shareware which allow to intervene directly on a PDF file, each having its specificity. Each link below will return you to the download page of the software in question, feel free to install and test them, to choose the one that suits you best to edit PDF files for free!


InkScape free tool to edit PDF files

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InkScape is a software mainly designed for vector drawing, hand-drawn or any type of computer-assisted drawing (CAD). Once installed, you will be able to take advantage of all the tools available for this purpose. You will be able to save your project in CSS, XML or SVG format.It is also possible to create web pages.In this case, texts can be added inside the drawings as a legend or information.The software can import EPS, JPEG, Postscript, PNG and TIFF images. It can also make changes to all files. The backup will be PNG or other, depending on the previous uses for each image.

Foxit PDF Editor

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Foxit PDF Editor is designed to open and edit PDF documents using a WYSIWYG interface. Once the PDF file has been modified, it is possible to save the new PDF on its hard disk.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is a software designed to consult your PDF files, and modify their contents: schemas, spreadsheets, videos, emails, etc. The user can also, through a new update, make a comment about a document, and share this comment with other potential users. You will have access to several tools: note, highlighted text (for comments), and also signature (ideal for signing your documents in a handwritten way).

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LibreOffice is a set of applications providing different modules of: vector drawing, word processing, editing mathematical formulas, etc. Once your file saved in the right format, you can open it thanks to all your applications (By Writer = word processor of the continuation). You will have at your disposal drawing tools, text, printing, and many others. This software suite is based on the suite. All these great features make it one of the best tool to edit PDF files.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader allows you to add comments or notes to your PDF files. As for Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will have several tools at your disposal: highlighting, highlighting, insertion of comments, notes etc. For your convenience, you can easily cancel your actions. You will also be able to fill out forms directly if they are in PDF format.Best of all, you can add media such as videos, photos, external links etc. and also read existing ones through a very convenient integrated editor.


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