How to Fax from Email for Free using Gmail

Do you need to send a fax urgently? Let us explain you how to fax from email using Gmail. Sending fax from email is totally free and time saving option. Just follow below steps to fax from email for free.


Steps to follow for gmail fax free:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account (if you do not have a Gmail account, create one). Click on the button “New message”: write the contents of your fax in the message body or content.
  • Once the content is written, click above the text box where “TO”is written. This is where you choose the recipient of your e-mails and, in our case, the recipient of the fax.
  • Choose the following generic address to send the fax: “”.

Note – From this address, simply replace recipient_name with the name of the person to whom you are sending the fax and fax_number with the number to which you want to send the fax. All other components of the address remain as same.

  • Once you have placed the correct address in “To” field, simply click on “Send”

That’s all, you just sent a fax from email. So far this is the totally free method to send fax from email to any fax number worldwide.

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In addition to using your Gmail account to send a fax for free, there are many ways to send a fax over the Internet for free or at a low cost.

One of these possibilities is via A free month is offered to send faxes. Then the service becomes paid. Once on the site, simply select the country where you want to send the fax and the phone number of the person to whom you want to send it. In the form, put your email address because you will use it to confirm the sending.

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