How to Install Custom Themes on Honor Smartphones (No Root)

Are you owner of Honor smartphone (Huawei brand)? No doubt Honor mobile phones are picking up fast due its amazing features and stylish looks.

There are already couple of themes pre-installed on your Honor device and you can switch to any of the available themes with one of your choice. Just one need to go to Theme app. But what if you want to install a theme which is not there on this device in your hand? Yes, the themes on never Honor devices look better then the one already released. Even I had a look on some of the never devices and the themes were stunning. I thought if I could get those themes on my Honor mobile phone.

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So here is a way to easily install any Honor smartphone theme (expecting some will not work) on your Honor smartphone without rooting the phone.

How to Install Custom Themes on Honor Smartphones

Important: The Honor smartphones use special theme formats which have .hwt format. So you can only install themes which have .hwt extension at the end.

  1. Search for .hwt themes on Google, Bing or on your favorite search engine and download to your phone (mostly in download folder)
  2. If the theme file is compressed (zipped), unzip it to a location where you can remember
  3. Now go to the location where you have .hwt theme files, select and copy
  4. Go to the internal storage>themes and paste the .hwt files here. If there is no themes folder (just create one)
  5. Close the file browser and look for Themes app on your phone, open it
  6. Go to “My themes
  7. Here you will find all the pre-installed themes and the new themes which we copied in themes folder
  8. Select the desired theme and click “Apply”
  9. Done! enjoy your new theme

If is good to restart your Honor smartphone, once you finished copying the theme files to themes folder.

Let me know if you were able to install new themes with this method on your Honor mobile phone.

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