How to Prevent Website Tracking on Safari Browser

Apple’s Safari web browser offers a feature that prevents cross-site tracking. As much on a Mac computer as on an iPhone or iPad, it is possible to prevent website tracking on Safari browser from tracking our activities and therefore to avoid targeted advertising.


Advertising do you want, here it is! Based on our habits on the web, more and more websites use cookies and data to determine what kind of advertising we should have on our devices.

Apple offers a feature on its Safari browser that allows us block website tracking of help avoid internet tracking.

Where to enable the feature: Prevent cross-site tracking

This feature is available for Mac computers running the macOs High Sierra operating system, as well as iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 12 .

To prevent cross-site website tracking on a Mac, you must:

  • Open the Safari browser
  • Click on the Preferences tab in the top bar
  • Select Privacy
  • Activate function: Ask websites not to follow me

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To prevent cross-site tracking on iPhone or iPad, you must:

  • Open the Settings application
  • Tap the Safari tab
  • Activate function: Prevent inter-site tracking

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