How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Android

You mistakenly deleted a contact from your phone book on Android phone? Alas, this is a common problem that every smartphone user will face at one time or another. However, the situation is far from hopeless. As you will discover in this tutorial, there is a method to recover deleted contacts in Android. The procedure to recover the contacts on Android is quite different than recover the deleted contacts on iPhone.

The phone book of your Android mobile

The democratization of the smartphone has revolutionized our daily life and our way of life. They have so interfered in our lives that some of our good old habits have completely disappeared.

Today no one is bothering to memorize a phone number. And besides what good to impose this intellectual gymnastics while any low-end phone is able to store thousands of contact cards.

Unfortunately no one is immune to a handling error or a system crash. Well yes, it’s so easy to inadvertently skip the Delete button. As a result, you have just lost the address, email and phone number of one of your contacts.

And no need to hope to recover this data from the trash of your mobile. Unlike Windows, Android smartphones do not have this type of features.

Recover deleted contacts from your phone

Remember a smartphone is not a foolproof tool. Incorrect handling, bug, battery problem, crash or faulty update, these are all reasons that could cause you to lose the data in your address book.

Fortunately Android has thought of everything. Google’s mobile system automatically syncs the directory with your Google Account. This option is enabled by default on most phones. If you have not changed your smartphone settings, the backup should run automatically.

To ensure that sync is active on your mobile, simply perform the following operation:

  • Open your smartphone settings
  • Click on users and accounts
  • Select from the list the heading Google
  • Check that the switch in the Sync content line of contacts is activated

In principle, all your contacts should be stored somewhere in the cloud on one of the many computers of the American research giant. If the feature is not enabled, I can only advise you to do it right away.

Your contact list is very important, so you have to take care of it. Backing up your address book online is certainly the best way to protect your data.

Restore your contact list

In the second step of this tutorial, we will see how to recover the data and restore them to your mobile. Importantly, this operation can only be performed if the contact card has been deleted in the last 30 days. We must act quickly.

  • Sit in front of your computer
  • Launch your web browser
  • In the web address field, enter the following URL:
  • Press the More button
  • Click on the title Undo changes
  • Choose the date of your restore point, that is, the moment before the deletion of your contact
  • Press the Confirm button
  • Pull out your smartphone
  • Make sure it is connected to the internet

The synchronization of your phonebook will start automatically after a few seconds. In case of problems, please note that it is possible to force the synchronization of contacts. To do this, simply perform the following operation.

  • Open your mobile settings
  • Click on Account or Users and Accounts
  • Select your Google Account from the list
  • Press the Menu button (3 dots) at the top right of the window
  • Click Sync Now

Hope you will find above information useful and be bale to recover your deleted contacts in a snap.

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