How to Set Free Caller Tune on Jio Sim

By the time you might be already enjoying the services of Jio network on your device. Jio has extended its free services for 3 more months with one time recharge and a subscription to Jio prime. With this you entitle yourself to free and unlimited internet, calls, sms and access to lots of paid apps. With Jio everything is free (within the subscription), yes even the caller tunes. There are 3 ways you can set free caller tune on your device without spending a penny. So here are 3 ways to set free caller tune on your Jio sim.

Set Free Caller Tune via Jio Music App

  • Open Jio Music app & search for your favorite song
  • Click the song and select JioTune
  • Confirm the selection
  • Done! You will get an SMS confirming the caller tune.

Set Free Caller Tune via SMS

  • Open SMS app
  • Type JT and send it to 56789
  • You will get option through SMS to search for your favorite song
  • Reply with your preferences
  • Give permission via reply SMS
  • Done! you will receive a confirmation via SMS

Set Free Caller Tune from Dialed Number

If you would like to set caller tune from someone then follow below procedure:-

  • Dial the number from where you would like to copy the caller tune
  • While caller tune is being played, press * on your phone’s dialer
  • You will receive an SMS
  • Give your confirmation by replying back with Y
  • Done! you will receive a confirmation SMS from Jio.

Note: Caller tunes on Jio are completely free and there is no monthly charge until now. if in future Jio make it chargeable (hopefully Jio will never do so), then you will receive intimation via SMS or through email. You caller tune will be discontinued and you will have to opt for caller tune again. So by the time, keep entertaining your callers.

Image source: Jio India official website.

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