How to Take Best Selfies in Low Light Conditions or Night Time

Despite the efforts made in recent years by the giants of electronics, Android smartphones are still struggling to take best selfies in low light. Unclear contours, grainy image of poor quality, the phones lend themselves quite little to night photography. And yet, we will see that there is an application for successful shots in low light conditions.


Take a selfie at night

Night owls know it well, it is very difficult to capture photos of incredible clarity in a dim light environment. Whether in a nightclub, in a bar or in a poorly lit street, photos taken with a smartphone become inevitably dark with ugly red colors. The result is usually unusable.

But contrary to what many people might think, there are solutions to improve the rendering of selfies taken at night. This is by no means a fatality. It is even possible to get very nice shots without pole, tripod or even remotely trigger.

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As you may know, most high-end smartphones have a feature that automatically triggers the mobile screen when the user takes a selfie in a dark environment . The LCD panel turns into a fill flash. Unfortunately not all devices have this type of feature.

Use the selfie flash feature on any Android smartphone

At night, without a front flash , it’s almost impossible to get good quality selfies. Do not panic. The Selfie Flash app allows you to add a virtual flash function to any Android smartphone. This will help you to click adorable selfie in low light.

The operating principle is extremely simple. When capturing a photo, the slab of your mobile will automatically display for a few seconds a very bright white image to illuminate the faces. And best of all, the Selfie Flash app works with all apps that use your mobile’s camera feature: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Download and install the Selfie Flash app on your Android device
  • Launch the application
  • Press the Allow Camera Overlaybutton
  • Then allow the screen overlay by pressing the switch. This way the app can add a button to activate the front flash function on all apps using the photo sensor
  • Press the back button to return to the Selfie Flash home page
  • Click on the Allow Usage Accessbutton to allow Selfie Flash to work with other Photo Apps
  • Return to the main menu
  • Press the switch at the top of the window to activate the virtual flash function


Use Selfie Flash in your favorite photo app

You will now be able to use the Selfie Flash app to take pictures when it’s dark. As soon as you click on the shutter button, the app will display a white circle with the brightness of the screen pushed to the maximum.

  • Launch your photo application
  • Make your framing
  • Tap the little white circle
  • Take your picture by clicking on the button

Note that the flash will stop on its own if no picture is taken within 5 seconds. Last but not least, the Selfie Flash function is only available when the front camera is activated.

Extra night lighting

The Selfie Flash application makes it possible to improve the rendering of your selfies without paying any penny. To get even more intense blacks without any grain, be aware that many manufacturers offer extra night lighting systems specifically adapted for smartphones.

Unlike software solutions, flash LEDs provide additional lighting that can be used to capture both photos and videos. The lamp is clip on the top of a smartphone using a small rubber pad. No risk therefore to see appear on your precious phone scratches.

  • Some models offer different flash colors (yellow or white) as well as a dimmer in order to obtain the most natural result possible.

Hope you will find above tips useful and could take wonderful selfie in low light.


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