Top Antivirus Software for Windows (updated July 2017)

Nowadays the digital threats are on the surge as the technology is seeing its peek limits. It is quite necessary to have an effective antivirus software to safeguard your data from online threats. Here we are listing down the top notch free antivirus software (there are paid versions also available) for you.


So lets start with some free antivirus software –

Avast Free Antivirus
Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is a vastly used software around the globe. The software is feature rich, has real time protection, deep scanning capabilities. This free antivirus can analyze various types of files and guides users to take actions. Avast paid software as well which have enhanced capabilities over freeware. Avast free antivirus is available for Windows, Android and Mac.

Image result for avgAVG Free Antivirus

AVG free antivirus is also a top downloaded antivirus worldwide. The free antivirus offers real time protection against most of the online threats. Software has all the required protection and is available for Windows, Android and Mac. AVG also have premium software which offer privacy protection, ransomware protection, folder encryption and more. Have look at AVG antivirus 2016 at only INR 399.53 under limited time sale on amazon India website.

Image result for aviraAvira Security Suite (free antivirus)

Avira is yet another free antivirus and is available for all the platforms. The software has many premium features available for free as compared to Avast and AVG. Some of the premium features are free VPN, safe search, safe shopping and system speedup. The Avira Premium 2014 is available for INR 775 on amazon.

Image result for comodo logoComodo Antivirus (free)

Comodo is one of the industry level free antivirus available for free. The software has cloud based scanning, proactive defense mechanism, real time scanning. Comodo is light weight and has professional interface. The paid endpoint software available from Comodo is capable of cloud scanning, available for all the platforms, taking suspected processes to virtual environment to safeguard systems.

Image result for panda securityPanda Free Antivirus

Panda is a cloud based antivirus. The good thing of software is that you need not bother about updating the definitions as Panda free antivirus manages the configuration and updates very efficiently. The software is quite lightweight.

microsoft windowsWindows Defender

Windows defender is a free antivirus provided by Microsoft inbuilt into Windows. The software comes pre-installed inside windows and you need to turn ON the features and set the options for updates and scanning etc. as per your choice. Personally I have tested this software but never noticed that it ever pointed any indecent activity. However the software is good enough to detect if you are using any pirated software of Microsoft. hence can stay away. But now since the threat of ransomware has increased to a greater level, it will be good to use this tool. Microsoft is continuously releasing the patches to keep the systems  out of reach of threats.

The best paid antivirus software –

Mcafee antivirusMcAfee® Total Protection


McAfee is is industry leader in antivirus software. Many industries rely on McAfee for data protection. For home solutions McAfee Total Protection is best antivirus software. The software is offered with virus removal pledge and McAfee guarantees to return full money if virus is not removed. The McAfee® Total Protection @ INR 525 under special offer on amazon.

Norton antivirus

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton is also the top class antivirus software company. Millions of users are using  Norton products to safeguard their systems. Latest product offered is Norton Security Deluxe. As claimed by Norton this antivirus software is capable enough to shield against any type of ransomware i.e. WannaCry Golden eye and Petya etc. You can buy Norton Antivirus @ INR 665 only on amazon.


Bitdefender is not an unknown name when it comes to antivirus software. The software has advanced capabilities and can protect your system in real time. Latest released BitDefender Total Security 2017 is available at INR 665 under an offer on amazon.

Kaspersky antivirus


Kaspersky is a quite famous antivirus software. The software has all great features to protect all type of devices from online threats. Kaspersky has even offered a free ransomware removal tool on their website. You can buy the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security at INR 1098 under special offer on amazon.

Quick Heal Antivirus

One of the speedy antivirus. yes the quick heal is one of the speedy tool when it comes to protect your system. The software has intuitive interface and requires minimal attention from users. Latest antivirus software Quick Heal Total Security is available at INR 1650 on amazon.

Image result for avira

Famous Avira antivirus has a paid program as well and is capable enough to do the job it should. The paid subscription is available on monthly and yearly basis. Have a look on amazon listing for Avira Antivirus Pro.


F secure is one of the industry ready anti virus software. Do you remember the times when you use to attach a file in Rediffmail. The attachment was scanned before it goes on server. This guy was there to scan your files. So the company is old and time tested. Used by big shots. Give a try. Grab an activation voucher of F-Secure from amazon.

Apart from above mentioned top level antivirus software, there are many other software available in the market and are equally good. One need to identify the right type of antivirus depending on nature of work he/she performs on internet. For general use, any free antivirus should do a decent job, while at enterprise level you need a proper antivirus software. The premium antivirus providers often offer beta tests for their future products. There beta tests can also be a good thing to try. Will try to compile a list of available beta test antivirus software in coming days. Know more about ransomware.


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  1. Nice guide on Free and paid antivirus tool for PC.
    Quick Heal is simple and easy tool despite Kaspersky. It just my thought. Because Kaspersky kill your file from zip also and it is not good sometimes.

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