M-Kavach – An Elegant Mobile Security App by India Govt

There are hundreds of mobile security apps for android devices on play store. Some of these are from reputed developers but many are from unknown or less heard developers. There are many interesting inbuilt features in android which malicious apps can utilize to breach the privacy of users. This makes it difficult to rely on these developers when it comes to mobile security. It should not happen that one installs a mobile security app and that app itself turns out to be a threat to your data.

M-Kavach (can be interpreted as Mobile Armour) is a legitimate mobile security app developed by Govt of India. The app has been developed by C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing) which is research and development arm of Indian Govt. The app provides 360 degree security to the device as it has capacity to monitor bluetooth, wifi, camera and mobile data. The application has following modules:

1. App Manager

M-Kavach mobile security

All important apps can be locked with the help of App manager. Sometimes you may not want your friends or kids to poke into your personal apps like banking apps, share trading apps, personal expenses, picture gallery, videos etc. With App manager, it is very easy to lock the desired apps. Just hit the app manager and select the apps to be locked. verify with your PIN and the apps are locked in a zoom.


2. Backup Manager

M-Kavach mobile securityWith the backup manager, you can easily take back of your contacts and call records. Sometimes it get difficult to manage the contact and chances of losing the important numbers is quite possible. Simple to use back up manager makes it super easy to take back up of all your contacts and call logs without any hassle.



3. Anti-theft

M-Kavach mobile securityAnti-theft is one more good feature of M-Kavach app. You can set trusted contacts and the critical alerts will be sent to that number. The information about SIM change, location etc. can be obtained on trusted SIM. Registered SIM cards can be seen with this app.


4. Call/SMS Filter

M-Kavach mobile securityCall/SMS filter is an important feature of M-Kavach mobile security app. This feature can block/unblock specific contacts and you are safe from spammers. This is an easy way to get rid of those perky callers offering credit cards/loans etc.

5. Secure Storage

Secure storage feature is available in enterprise edition only.

Looking at the great features offered by M-Kavach mobile security app, it is worth giving a try. You can download android version of the app from Google play store.


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