Make Money Online with Global Test Market Online Surveys

We discussed many methods to make money online in previous posts, some of which include freelance translation, online surveys, Digitize India platform etc. Global Test Market Survey website is one of the reliable way to make money online. The website has a simple registration process. upon registration user will have to complete his/her profile.


Te profile contains sections about your personal details, choices, hobbies, health and profession etc.Once you have completed your profiling, you will start getting surveys. Most of the surveys are related to your choices and interests which you have mentioned during your profiling. So it is very important to do profiling selectively and wisely in order to get the most relevant surveys only. But in case you are jack of all trades, you can just go ahead with everything. This will increase your chances to get more and more surveys.

I personally created my profile to test the website. As soon as I completed my profile, I started getting surveys.
Now days I am getting around 3-4 surveys per week which is plenty.

Good thing about Global Test Market survey is that they offer plenty of surveys and have handsome rewards From
Indian registration, the average survey is for around 15 minutes and they offer around 50-60 Market Points.Rupees
300 gift voucher of Amazon is equivalent to 340 market points. So if one can complete 6 surveys in week, can
easily earn an Amazon gift voucher every week.

Many people tell that they do not have time to complete surveys. One of my friend Gemma who is a active user of
Global Test Market uses public transport to reach office and back. She spends around 45 minutes on each trip in
bus or if travelling by metro train, it is around 25 minutes. She completes one survey at least while sitting idle
in bus. Yes, she enjoys her music also on the way. So this way if you are using a public transport to your office
or college can utilize that time to make money online.

Here are some features of Global Test Market-

  • The registration is quick and easy with instant approval
  • The fill rate is very good and you can expect around 8-10 surveys per week
  • Global Test Market offers rewards in terms of gift vouchers, charity donations or cash transfer via Paypal
  • Surveys are designed efficiently and are not boring

Some tips to get more surveys to make money online-

1. Complete your profile wisely so that it covers most of the areas which could attract surveys
2. Respond to surveys promptly to make a good repo
3. Give genuine answers to pre-qualification questions


You are going neither to millionaire from online surveys nor will it make you job independent. But still it gives
a sense of joy when you make money online by doing some small efforts. For me I complete Google Opinion Rewards and it gives around 0.10 cents per survey. I feel very satisfied upon completion of these tiny surveys.

So what are you waiting for? Give a try today to Global Test Market.

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