Easy Tools (Inc Google Drive and MS Word) to Convert PDF to Word

Do you need to urgently convert some documents from PDF to Word? Here we are covering some super easy methods and tools to convert you documents from PDF to Word. Actually there are two methods to convert the documents PDF to Word either using an offline PDF to Word converter or online tools. Lets start with online tools:

Use Google Drive to Convert files from PDF to Word:

If your pdf files contain mostly text and no images etc, then this is the best, easiest and free tool to convert the documents from PDF to Word. here’s how to do it;

1. Login to your Google Drive account

2. Click “New” and select “File upload”

pdf to word1











3. Now locate you uploaded file and right click on it

4. Select “Open with” and select “Google Docs” from the list

pdf to word2











4. Now “Save as” this document in word format of your choice i.e. .doc, docx, rtf etc. (save as to your local drive)

5. You are done! Just open this saved file in MS word and you will have your document converted from PDF to Word.

Well! only problem I see with this method is that any tables or images in pdf file will be removed in output file. But still this is a great way to get your files converted for free.

Convert the PDF to Word with Microsoft Word:

The procedure is almost similar to Google Drive method.

  1. Right click on the PDF file
  2. Click “Open with” and select “Microsoft Word” from the list
  3. That is it! The MS Word will try to open and convert the file by itself
  4. “Save as” the file in word format once fully converted

This method is also pretty good for files mostly having text. Some layout and formatting may distort which you can manually adjust.

Apart from this, there are many online services to have your files converted to other formats: Some of these are:

www.pdf.io – A wonderful user interface (supports all mobile devices)










www.acrobat.adobe.com (paid)


www.sejda.com (desktop client also available)


www.pdfpro.co (3 conversion for free)

www.zamzar.com (sends download link on email)


www.gonitro.com (trial and paid)

Some of these online web based services have desktop clients as well which can be helpful to convert files from pdf to word if you have network constraints. Let us know which method you normally use. Also share in comments if there is any other cool way to convert pdf to word.

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