Protect Your Credit Card with these Very Important yet Simple Tips

This is the time of plastic money and digital currency. You think of anything and in a blink of an eye, you can order it without leaving your sofa. Magically things will be delivered at your address, the same day or very next day.

Thanks to online banking, payment wallets, debit and credit card, which made it possible.

With all this goodness, the evil has also arrived in form of frauds. The credit cards are a big target by fraudsters.In this article, we are sharing with you some very important tips to safeguard your credit card.


Receiving your credit card (protect your credit card at source):

1. As soon as you receive your card, check that the envelope was fully sealed and bears your name and address correctly.
2. Make sure your also received your add-on card, if you opted for one.
3. Best fraud protection is to reset the PIN of your credit card on a very first transaction, DO NOT keep using the PIN supplied by your bank

Moving around with your credit card:

1. Always keep you credit card in a safe place, i.e. your wallet, not in pocket of your shift.
2. Leave the card at home if not going for a shopping, i.e. while jogging etc.
3. If your are planning a foreign travel, check and set the usage limit to minimize the risk in case you loose it there.
4. Replace your credit card upon return, if traveled to high risk countries
5. Never ever share your PIN or credit card information with anyone (literally anyone)
6. protect your credit card and opt for OTP in place of PIN for online transactions
7. Never hand over your credit card to anyone if he/she is taking it away from your eyes
8. Never reveal your credit card details to anyone over phone, even if they tell you that they are calling from your bank.

Avoid credit card fraud while doing online shopping:

1. It is advised not to store your card with online shopping sites, which you do not trust.
2. Always check the security of the website. Look for https before the website url, i.e. is safer than
3. Always shop from reputed websites only, this is probably the best credit card fraud protection you can have.
Enroll for 3D secure (for example Verified by Visa (VbV)/ MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC)).
4. Do not use your credit card for shopping at cyber cafes or public internet shops. If used, clear the browsing history, close the browser.
5. Never respond to phishing emails asking to increase your credit card limit, upgrade credit card or giving unexpected privileges.
6. If available, use physical device provided by bank to generate the PINs.

Disposing off your credit card:

1. Block your previous card, before using the replacement card
2. Cut the card in a way that it damages the magnetic strip and other information inscribed on the card
3. Dispose off the pieces of card separately (throw cut card in two separate bins)



It is wonderful feeling to use the latest technology, but is equally important that our assets are safe from fraudsters. So abide by above information and keep yourself safe from credit card frauds.

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