Review of Freelance Translation Job Portals

Guys, hope you already enjoyed reading about earning money from freelance translation work. Today we are going to discuss market place websites where you can start your career as freelance translator.


Are you ready to work as freelance translator and earn money online?

Hope you already have an impressive resume created as freelance translator. Having an eye catching resume is very much important as you get merely few seconds to impress the job poster. You don’t have any clue about creating a translator resume? No problem, here is a translator resume template (Google Drive link) to start with. I just created this for you. Simply edit the highlighted words to suit your profile and you are good to go. If this translator resume template does not help you out, then do a Google search and find some sample resumes. Ok now you are ready with the profile, lets explore some good place to showcase your profile.

The best freelance translation job portals:



Translationdirectory is completely free and widely used portal for translation job requests and thousands of linguists are available here. Design of the portal is not so impressive but website is quite famous. Portal offers free registration for translators, and you start getting work requests as soon as you board the boat. Agencies can send emails to you through portal and you can get in touch with them directly. You can set your own rates and turn around times. Website also has a page where it has mentioned a great list of free software which can be of god use for translators.

2. is a very good website to start with. The website has a global reach and agencies and translators from around the globe are present on this portal. The membership is of 02 types; free as well as paid (pay $120 or $180). Free membership entitles you to apply for the available job requests as a general translator.

While in paid membership, the paid members get priority and their profiles are listed on top. Paid membership gets you access to many other benefits i.e. access to member only jobs and the training content library. I will advise you to start with basic free profile and once you have confidence and to go for paid membership; once you are well versed with the translation business.

3. Translatorsbase

Translatorsbase or Translators Base is also a very good option to get work orders. Only problem with Translator Base is that registration is free, but to apply for the work orders you need to buy paid membership. I will advise you to go for paid membership once you are well versed with the translation business and have gained good skills.

4. Translatorscafe

Translators cafe is another very good portal to get good quality work orders. It is very much similar to and has a large base of agencies and translators.

5. Gengo

Gengo is not a marketplace portal but an agency. They have global footprints and are connected with thousands of translators. Gengo gets work orders from many companies across the globe. Gengo does not list your profile immediately but asks you to apply for, as translator. You get sample work to complete which their senior translators will review. You will qualify to get the work orders if you pass the review.


Above list is not just the options available, but there are hundreds of options to look for translation related work. There are country specific agencies which cater work requests for some specific language pairs only. For example there are many agencies which work for English to Indian language pairs. So if you are strong enough in any pair  for English; you are good to go. Give it a try today!

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