Send Your Name to Mars along with NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover

NASA, America’s notable space agency is in process to send another rover (intelligent robotic vehicle) to Mars and you can send your name to Mars with this mission. This rover will touch base with Mars in year 2020, hence named Mars 2020 by NASA.


It is curious to know that this time NASA has not asked for names from public and anonymously named this rover by their own.

Here is how you can send your name to Mars by sending details to NASA.

  1. Open
  2. Fill in all details, i.e. your name, country and email id etc.
  3. Click “Send my name to Mars”

That’s all, your boarding pass will be available for downloading, which you can even embed online. Here is how your boarding pass would look like. Remember that last date to submit your names to NASA is 30th September 2019.

send your name to mars

NASA has not set any limit to the number of names it will send. Anyone from any country can submit his/her name to NASA. As of now there are around 8743832 names (and growing) have been submitted.

NASA will inscribe these names on a nano chip with the help of an electron beam. This chip will be mounted on rover under a glass cover. The size of the chop is similar to of a 1 euro coin and more than a million names can be inscribed on it.

NASA has collected and sent names from around the world earlier also to make sure that people remain curious in this important research.


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