Simple Tips to Detect Malware on Your Smartphone and Computer

Simple Tips to Detect Malware on Your Smartphone and Computer

Contrary to what one might think, the use of an espionage program is not reserved only up to computer experts. It is often sufficient to install an application on the phone to spy on and then connect to his account from another device to collect all the information.

Phone conversations, call history, SMS and email, photos and videos stored in the device, lists of websites visited, phone location: a lot of confidential information can be sent to your spy without your knowledge.

Such an invasion of privacy is illegal in most of the developed countries, but as this practice is relatively accessible, here are some tips and to help you find out if spyware has been installed on your phone.

Prevention tips

The first thing to know (and it will reassure many!) Is that it is impossible to monitor a phone from a distance without first having it in his hands.

In short, for a spy program to be installed on your phone, someone must have had physical access to it.

Some prevention tips …

  • Lock your device after a long period of inactivity and keep your password secret. Avoid leaving your phone unattended. Unfortunately, the curious person is often someone around you … A jealous spouse, for example.
  • Install a good antivirus software on your phone or computer. In addition to being able to detect the presence of spyware on your phone, it can also protect you from viruses and malicious files.

Detect spyware and get rid of it on the phone

When a spy application is on your device, it is unfortunately not visible. It can be quite difficult to detect and prove its existence.

If you suspect that there is such software on your device, be aware of abnormal behavior on your phone, including the following:

  • Your device is sending SMSs which your didn’t initiated
  • Sudden problems with the device: extreme slowness, faster battery drop, restart for no reason (Warning, these signs can also be associated with many other things.)
  • Configuration you are not responsible for: blocked contact or website suddenly inaccessible
  • Activity while your phone is idle
  • Alert or warning about an unknown application
  • Presence of the Cydia application on your iPhone (allows to install applications that do not come from the App Store)

Once your suspicions are confirmed, now the question is how to remove malware manually unwanted program?

The best way is to reset your device to its factory settings. Of course, you will need to first save your contacts, photos and other content if you do not want to lose them.

Detect spyware and get rid of it on a computer

On computers there is a quick way to clear up any doubt and remove any malware.

The company Malwarebytes indeed offers a free software that allows you in an instant to perform a diagnosis of your machine and detect any intruder in it. Once detected, the software offers you to remove the parasite and voila your device is free from malware.

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