Slow Android Phone? One Easy Fix

Android has many interesting features and is everyone’s favorite. Are you facing slow Android phone performance? There are so many reasons for your smartphone to run sluggish i.e. too many applications, crowded cache, low RAM, infection due to malware etc.

There are thousands of apps available on play store which promise to speed up the slow android phone. I personally tried many such apps and never spotted any major differences except that some cache can be cleaned automatically. Apart from promise to fix the slow android phone, most of these apps ask for access to your personal data, contacts, settings. This data is eventually sold for monetary purposes. Hence we should avoid these apps in most cases and find alternative ways to speed up slow android phone.

Here we are sharing one super easy method to speed up the android performance a bit with a small setting in your device.

  • Click on settings
  • Scroll down to “About phone” and tap it

speed up slow android phone

  • Scroll down and tap ” Build Number” seven times

speed up slow android phone











  • Developer settings will be visible for you to enter
  • Press back button once and scroll down to “Developer options”
  • Here you will find three settings related to animation – tap one by one and select either 0.5 or “off”.

speed up slow android phone











Done! that is all you need to do. These are the animations which work in background when the phone is operated by you. You will not spot any difference related to these settings. But this will save some RAM for android to use for other operations.

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