The Impact Of Technology On The Online Casino Industry

Around the world online Casino industry has always been a hot topic, and now more than ever people are talking about their cheeky weekend bets or the horse that so nearly came in. But why is this?

Well in years gone by gambling was limited to the Casinos, high street bookmakers and the occasional fruit machine at the local bar.

It also had a pretty poor reputation for being the hobby of old men and drunks. Now? It’s a growing multi million dollar online Casino industry on mobile apps alone, it’s accessible to all (over 18’s of course).

Many women who would perhaps have not been within the target market of the online Casino industry once upon a time are getting involved at an unprecedented rate! Some of the best online tipsters are now women, thanks to the impact of technology!

This brings me nicely on my next point;

The rise of betting/Casino tipsters.

In the information age, technology has allowed many to make a healthy living online, betting tipsters epitomize this. Social media has allowed a few tipsters gain huge online following, something the Casino industry soon picked up on.

With affiliate marketing via tipsters who tell their followers “You must have an account with this bookmaker to take part”, the Casino industry has hit a gold mine and never has their advertising been so subtle yet so convincing. It gives gamblers around the globe an online Casino community to be part of, win or lose. Because of technology online casino has never been so sociable! Even the biggest online Casino are using these techniques to impress the customers.

As technology advances further, live betting is fast become part of every day life for so many, whether that’s football bets, online casinos with live roulette spins or even online poker, such as The reason? It’s just so easy!

A few clicks and your moneys placed, half and hour later you could be £100 better off. Your bets looking good but your confident they’ll see it through? Hit that cash out button, Technology gives you so much control over your bets compared to the old days. However the impact of technology on the online Casino industry isn’t always positive, with online Casino being so quick and simple, it opens the for the most vulnerable people to lose control over their habits.

Casino addictions are very real and serious problem that as a result of online gambling are also a growing problem. There are a lot of controls that you can put in to your account to prevent this but they’re not always well advertised and can easily be over.

My point here is that the safeguards that are in place in many physical bookmakers aren’t there online and it’s very easy to lose track of how much your spending when you don’t see the physical cash leaving your hand.

Another drawback is while gaining the online social interaction, you lose a lot of the physical interaction and friendships that you may gain at the local bookies, not to mention there’s no one there to keep an eye on how much your losing if you play Casino online making it a hell of a lot easier to burn through your cash!

In the last decade technology has had an impact on almost every industry on the face of the earth but none more so than the impact it’s had on the Casino industry.

Author of this article is professional gamer Patrick Roth. Patrick is from Berlin, but he likes to travel around the world and visit different casinos. He is also a gaming blogger and guest writer.

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