The Virtual Receptionist – Virtual Answering Service


Reception and customer service, whether on site or by phone or email, a receptionist acts as a representative of a company. The receptionist is the first employee of the company who acts as a bridge between the prospectus customer or an existing customer and the company. That said, hiring a qualified and efficient receptionist is a significant investment sometimes impossible for some companies. This is where hiring a virtual receptionist can be extremely beneficial in terms of efficiency and professional image of your business, while helping you achieve significant savings.


As an entrepreneur, you are continually solicited. Whether by phone or email, the presence of a virtual receptionist can help you manage your communications as well as deliver a consistent, professional message. Nothing better than a real voice on the line to answer incoming calls and redirect all requests or questions from outside the organization. We all agree that voicemail is a practical tool, however it can also be a disadvantage for your customers and affect your service. The presence of a virtual receptionist or office assistant services ensure efficient customer service during and outside office hours; allowing you to build your operation and ensure its growth.

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A virtual receptionist is not only an asset for adding unparalleled voice identity and professionalism to your business, but using these services is a great way to ensure exceptional efficiency that is difficult to achieve alone. No more email replies 4 days later or – horror – forgotten e-mails, un-returned voice messages, missed conference calls because you did not have the time to put them on your calendar. Hiring a virtual receptionist can help you boost the day to day functionality of your business, meanwhile you can get more time to think of the strategies to get more business in your kitty.


Employment Insurance, health insurance, vacation, sick leave, work equipment and accessories: these are all additional costs to hiring a receptionist for your company. Phone answering machine not only can reduce your profitability while offering a similar customer service, but the savings in time to hire, train and supervise an on-site receptionist can play into the scales. In addition, using a virtual receptionist’s services is a safe investment since it will be used to free up your time allocated to these tasks and reinvest it in the tasks that concretely serve the expansion of the organization.

The services of a virtual receptionist or virtual office answering are an asset to you and the growth of your business, not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of image and productivity. Make sure you find the right person to represent your business and you’re done!

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