Top 10 Best Internet Browsers in 2018

If you are looking for the top 10 internet browsers for 2018, you may have landed at right place.

We can call web browsers a gateway to the information space we know as the World Wide Web, not the Internet. All you have to do is type the URL in the address bar, and your browser will do the rest to view the website.
Internet browsers also have other uses; they can be used to access information on a private server or play a local video stored on your device. With the appropriate components added, a web browser can be used as your password manager, download manager, torrent downloader etc.

People always want to   get   the fastest browser. In addition, the abundance of extensions and plugins is another quality that a good web browser should have. So, here I tried to summarize some effective and powerful Internet browsers that you might want to try this year.

Top 10 Best Internet Browsers

Note: This list is not organized in any specific order.

1. Google Chrome – the best web browser

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS

When Google introduced Google Chrome for the first time in 2009, it quickly increased its popularity because it was the fastest web browser at the time and became one of the best apps from Google. Now he has competitors. And as the most widely used web browser today with over 60% market share, Google is responsible for maintaining a standard for speed and features for users.

In addition to basic browser features such as bookmarks, Must Have Chrome extensions, themes, private browsing, etc. One thing I like about Chrome is profile management. This feature allows multiple people to use the same browser without having to merge their Internet history, download history, and other items. For users who are annoyed by the ads, Google is about to deploy an ad blocking tool for Chrome.

Another thing that makes Chrome one of the best web browser applications is multi-device support. The web browser can easily synchronize Internet history, tabs, favorites, passwords, and so on. on all devices if you signed in to your Google Account.

2. Mozilla Firefox – Best alternative to Chrome

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS

The new Firefox (Quantum 57) is much faster than its ancestors, and it is now giving Chrome a tough fight too. The redesigned user interface of Mozilla Firefox and many new features could force people to switch browsers. The integrated screen capture tool is what I like most; it can quickly take long screenshots of web pages. No doubt that Firefox is one of the top 10 web browsers out there.

3. Microsoft Edge – Best Browser for Windows 10

Platforms supported: Windows 10, Xbox One, Android, iOS

With its latest design and speed, the Microsoft Edge certainly comes under the category of best internet browsers. Everyone knows that Microsoft is releasing Microsoft Edge to save the lost respect of their Internet Explorer browser. Now, it seems that Edge is undoubtedly among the best navigation software for Windows 10, and recently, Android and iOS.

People may not want to get out of their Chrome comfort zone, because but Edge has some unique features. After getting familiar with Edge for a while, there are many features you want and you will find useful. Regarding the extensions, this could be a small inconvenience. One of the reasons we can opt for Edge is that this web browser better integrates Windows 10 than any other browser. And it’s fast and responsive. As of now Microsoft Edge is by default the best browser for windows 10.

4. Opera Browser

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Probably, the oldest web browser that is currently in active development, Opera has almost shrunk due to the success of Chrome. Still, it has improved, and now it is worthy enough to find a place in the list of the best Internet browsers for Windows and other desktop operating systems. It is often considered the best alternative to Firefox.

The desktop version of the web browser includes some features generally designed for smartphones, such as data compression mode and battery saver. Other interesting features of Opera are the built-in advertising blocker, the screenshot tool, the VPN service, the currency converter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, VK, Telegram, etc.

5. Chromium

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android

If you’re currently using Google Chrome, you’ll have no problem switching to its open-source counterpart that has its presence on Linux systems.

By appearance and functionality, Chromium is identical to Chrome. You can sign in with your Google Account, sync data, download extensions, and more. If both browsers are installed on your system, you can easily locate Chromium by displaying its logo in blue.

Still, there are differences that could help users make a better choice. For example, this alternative to the Chrome browser does not support automatic updates, does not include a player component, and does not support audio video codecs, and so on.

A major difference is that Chromium is developed as a mobile version, which means that features are pushed into the new version more frequently than Chrome, almost every day. This is the reason why the open source browser can crash more often than its brother.

6. Firefox Focus

Platforms Supported: Android

Firefox Focus is till now the best incognito browser ever available for Android devices. The browser does not record anything from your personal records. The history is delete as soon as you leave the browser. The tracking requests from servers are rejected keeping all your browsing in stealth. No doubts the Firefox Focus is going to be the best internet browsers 2018 when it comes to private browsing.

7. Torch Browser – Browser for Torrent Download

Platforms Supported: Windows

It might not be as popular as Chrome, Firefox or Edge, but the Chrome-based browser for Windows certainly deserves a place in the list of top 10 internet browsers. Because of the features it provides.

If you’re a fan of BitTorrent, you’ll start to like Torch Browser because it comes with a built-in torrent downloader.

There is a media capture tool that can be used to download streaming videos and audio files from web pages. It seems that this leading web browser, which also includes a download accelerator, is designed primarily for users who download files every day.

The browser can also play partially downloaded videos and torrents and also includes a music player that extracts content from YouTube. Facebook etc. might be interested in a feature called Torch Facelift that can be used to change the theme of his Facebook profile.
You can easily confuse Torch with Chrome because it looks almost the same and it’s also a fast web browser like Chrome and Firefox. It supports the connection of your Google Account to the browsing activity and other data between devices. However, you will begin to feel the difference by visiting Settings that do not contain the material’s design as it is based on a slightly older version of Chromium.

8. Cloud Maxthon Browser

Supported Platforms: Windows, MacOS Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Maxthon, which has been around since 2002, started primarily as a web browser for Windows but came on other platforms later. The developers promoted Maxthon as a cloud browser. The PR gadget, however, no longer seems exclusive, as almost all major web browser applications now support data synchronization on the cloud.

The free web browser comes with tools to capture videos from web pages, Adblock Plus built-in, night mode, screen capture tool, email client, password manager, note-taking tool, etc. etc.

In addition, the browser is based on an older version of Chromium, perhaps for reasons of stability and compatibility, so that users can see “outdated browser” notifications on certain websites. But you can make yourself comfortable as the developers regularly update Maxthon. As of now Maxthon is our favorite in top 10 internet browsers list.

9. Safari – Made for Apple fans

Platforms Supported: Mac OS, iOS

It can be a good alternative to users of Google Chrome and Firefox for a change. Earlier, Safari was available for Windows, but Apple reduced it a few years ago. This Apple web browser can now be used by MacOS and iOS users only.

The web browser hosts a fairly important level of convenience, including the customizable toolbar, the ability to search tabs, get an image on almost any web page, a drive view, iCloud sync, and more.

Like the Edge Share button, Safari users can share their content using AirDrop even without leaving the web browser. As far as extensions are concerned, Safari may not have the most extensions, but rest assured that it has been covered with all the popular stuff. So Safari browser well deserves its position within the top ten web browsers.

10. UC Browser Browser – A fast browser made in China

Supported platforms: Windows, Android, iOS

UC Browser is already counted among the best navigation software for Android. If you know it, it is also available for other platforms, including Microsoft Windows. Both as a desktop application for Windows 10.

The look and feel of the PC version of the UC browser is just as appealing as other well-known browsers we see on the market. It is fast to realize that the basic theme of the web browser is tilted towards Microsoft Edge.

UC Browser comes with an integrated password manager and cloud sync capabilities with other devices. Users can take advantage of browser mouse gestures to move forward, rewind, close the current tab, restore the recently closed tab, refresh, etc.

For users with general web browsing needs, UC can be one of the fastest browsers they can choose. However, a possible disadvantage could be the lack of extensions that could divert some users to choose alternatives.

Conclusion on our top list of best internet browsers

What we see primarily in the world of the web browser, whether browsers for Windows or for other platforms, is governed by one of the big names. But lesser known browsers are also worth a try. Maxthon and the Torch are also worth trying if you want more features than the name of the brand.

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