VPN: What is it and When Should You Use It

There is at least a bit if internet in everyone’s life these days. It is hard to survive without going online at this point of time. Internet has made our life super easy and we can do many many tasks online, which otherwise could take days to finish. But the increased uses of internet has posed many security and privacy threats as well. Thanks God, we have VPN – Virtual Private Network to save us from most of privacy invasions. Let us understand what is VPN and when it is required to use a VPN server.


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What is VPN – Virtual Private Network

In layman’s language, the Virtual Private Network mostly called VPN is a way to access the internet without being tracked. A VPN will also allow the user to visit the websites and servers which may be blocked in a particular location i.e. Geo-blocked. Normally when we access internet, we openly access the online data and are exposed to our IPS, govt agencies, online trackers and anyone who wish to track you down. This is because you are accessing the internet openly as there is direct connection between your device and the server.

how a vpn works
Typical VPN process

When you use a VPN server, you are not directly connected to the target server, but are routed through a virtual server. The virtual server hides your identity and assigns a different identity to you (a different IP address and geo-location). This way the trackers will not be ale to find out your real location or IP address as you have not exposed it while on a VPN network. This is also called tunnelling (because you got a tunnelled connection which is hidden from others).

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Benefits of Using a VPN

here are several benefits of using a VPN over a direct and bare connection. Some key benefits are listed below:

  • Browse websites which are blocked in your country, i.e. YouTube, Google, Facebook etc. are blocked in China
  • Visit torrent websites which are nowadays being blocked around the globe
  • Save yourself from being tracked by adware, spyware apps
  • Your business is more secure with a VPN server

Things to Remember While Using a VPN

While using a VPN can be handy and useful, it has some dis-advantages.

  • The VPN does not make you hundred percent stealth, as the experts hackers or our ISP still can track you back
  • The use of a VPN is illegal in some countries
  • Your internet connection may slow down while on a VPN server
  • The VPN provider will always have access to your real IP address, location and browsing history

Final Words:

Looking at the advantages and dis-advantages of using a VPN, it purely depends on person to person and the requirement. It is good to give a try to VPN for casual use, while take care that you are not offending any laws. For example some of the shows on YouTube are locked to some particular countries only and may not be accessible to people in other countries. Using a VPN will allow you to watch these shows without any restriction.


Hope you find this article useful. I would ask you to share with me if you are using any specific VPN client as I am planning to write another article on best VPN clients. Please let me know via comments.

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